Bridge2 Solutions (B2) to Set Up a Subsidiary in India Under the Aegis of MSys Technologies

MSys Technologies, a Chennai-based IT services firm providing tech solutions in storage, cloud, big data, internet of things, and DevOps, today announced that it has partnered with Bridge2 Solutions (B2S) to build a subsidiary entity for Bridge2 in India. The subsidiary will be created in build-operate-transfer model.

MSys will create a team of over 35 professionals for various activities such as software development, technical support, testing, and operations in Chennai. The team will be under the aegis of MSys and will be legally transferred to B2S after a predetermined timeframe.

About Bridge2 Solutions

Bridge2 Solutions is a leading marketing solutions company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company ventures in e-commerce, sales lead generation, and brand loyalty management. Founded in 2006 in Atlanta, B2S provides its products and services to large enterprises mostly in the North American region. B2S has significant leadership in brand loyalty management with multiple partner integrations and web-based redemption platforms for end users.

Loyalty rewards programs being the primary business area for B2S, they have built cutting-edge marketing technologies for retailers and financial institutions. B2S solutions, architectures, platforms, and managed services have been transforming the marketing scene for years.


BOT (build-operate-transfer) is a type of project financing employed by many corporations to create an infrastructure project or an offshoot in a new region, especially countries such as India, Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Vietnam, etc. This model is adopted for complicated long-term projects or for generating financial subsidiaries in remote locations due to the freedom and minimal financial liability the model offers.

BOT can take multiple incarnations depending on the arrangement: BOOT (build-own-operate-transfer), BLT (build-lease-transfer), DBFO (design-build-finance-operate), BOO (build-own-operate), etc. These approaches are pretty much self-explanatory. MSys has in the past built multiple BOT teams for other clients as well, thanks to the stronghold MSys has in the Indian IT scene.

“It’s a privilege to partner with B2S for this venture. B2S is an innovative marketing solutions leader. We aspire to deliver the best possible team to them and aid their future growth in India.”
Sanjay Sehgal, CEO, MSys

As per the partnership, MSys will conduct recruitments from its Chennai location and will build a full-fledged subsidiary team comprising production as well as supporting teams. After operating the team for B2S for a predetermined period (until maturity), the entity will be legally transferred to B2S management.

About MSys

MSys Technologies is a global technology, consulting, and outsourcing organization with expertise in storage development, cloud computing, virtualization, big data analytics, test engineering, internet of things, and DevOps.

A majority of global storage companies among ISVs and IHVs partner with MSys Technologies to leverage MSys’s experience, expertise and infrastructure to set up their subsidiaries in India. MSys was established in 2007 in Chennai. The company has offices in Bangalore and Georgia as well. Pune-based Clogeny Technologies is an independent subsidiary of MSys Technologies. Clogeny is a recognized innovator in cloud, big data, DevOps, and outsourced product development.