International Women's day Celebrations at MSys

The International Women’s Day was celebrated with much pomp and splendor at MSys Technologies at all its locations across India.

MSys has always been an advocate for gender equality and an equal opportunities employer throughout its 11 year tenure. As a company culture, we have always striven to ensure a collaborative and friendly culture where women feel safe and comfortable to work. The women population of MSys belong to various departments from Human Resources to Administration to Finance to Engineering.

Remarking on how MSys made them feel special on International Women’s Day, Shilpashree says, “I’ve been working with MSys for over 3 years now. My colleagues, be it men or women, have influenced and helped me in making my decisions and executing them, sometimes as mentors, sometimes just as a friend. Women’s day celebration 2018 was a good one.The men in our office gave us ladies a rose to start the day with, and we had a special lunch party organized for us. It does feel great to be a part of a team where I’m considered equal with the same opportunities as anyone else.”

Shanti Narayanan, the lead from the Technical Writing team, adds, “As someone who has been here for almost 2 years, I find that MSys is one of the few companies that actively promotes a work-life balance- what with flexible working hours, employee friendly (and women friendly) policies and an encouraging team. The friendly and accommodating approach makes it possible for women to grow in their careers. The team is very understanding and accommodating of my personal needs and commitments, thus paving way for a healthy and joyful work atmosphere. Such an environment is important to encourage women to take up corporate jobs, as the financial and social independence and competitive nature provides a lot of confidence for women to overcome their limitations in both work and personal lives.”

Vaishali Wankhedkar, an employee from Bengaluru, comments, “Although women have been excelling at many professions, I personally believe that women today have a lot to gain by being a part of the IT industry.  Being in IT makes us more confident and keeps us posted regarding the fast changing technologies in this world, and that’s a great thing!”

It is widely acknowledged that women do feel threatened at some point in their careers due to lack of support, either professionally or domestically. However, we at MSys feel it is the onus of every corporate to recognize talent, irrespective of gender, and acknowledge their contribution to technology and towards boosting the economy.