IoT meetup at MSys Technologies!

MSys Technologies recently hosted an IoT event organized by the IoT Analytics Meetup group in its Pune facility. The topic for the day was Making best of the IoT opportunity and was conducted by Nikhil Bhaskaran – Director; An Shida Import Export Co Shenzhen Ltd. The discussion drew insights on:

  1. Choosing the right chipsets for your IoT project
    1. Arm Chipset Swot (Qualcomm, MTK, Allwinner, TI)
    2. BLE Chipsets overview
    3. Wi Fi Chipsets overview
  2. Industry specific considerations while choosing chipsets
  3. Commercial considerations while choosing chipsets
  4. Leveraging China’s ecosystem
  5. Design resources help
  6. Prototyping and other technical resources to build faster

The meetup was well received and a massive audience graced the event. The who’s who of the industry ranging from Directors and Co-founder to CTO’s Technologist and Entrepreneurs were in attendance. We got a chance to speak to one of the organizers of the event Arunkumar Nair who also happens to be the Technical Head of Big Data Analytics at MSys Technologies about the event. He said “We wanted participants to know the finer points of designing a commercial IoT product. An IoT Product Designer has to think beyond using Rasberry PI or Arduino, he needs to build a board designed with an Arm CPU that suits his commercial application. We were also focused on how to Design an IoT product which is both technically and commercially feasible to win the market because real IoT engineering used in Industry has much more considerations which RPI and Arduino don’t address”.

The event was very insightful and a lot of intelligent outputs were churned out of it. It is nice to have a company arrange for such discussions to bring best minds of the industry together and get an innovative outlook towards the given technology.