MSys Named as One of the Top Twenty Cloud Companies in India

MSys Technologies, a leading provider of cloud solutions in Georgia, announced that Silicon Review, a premier business publication based in India and leading source of innovative business ideas from Indian thought leaders, named MSys as one of the most prominent players in the cloud computing industry of India.

The announcement came in the most recent edition of the Silicon Review magazine dated Nov – Dec, 2014. The title SRCLOUD20 of Silicon Review names global cloud companies founded and managed by Indians.

“In this issue srcloud20, we have moved beyond the stereotypical notions of cloud computing companies and brought fourth emerging trends. It is hoped that the global market platform will strive to grow further in order to accommodate the emerging trends and industries providing for new, innovative solutions and services, some of which are enlisted in the srcloud20 listings.”
Silicon Review Magazine, SRCLOUD20

The magazine has also listed some leading cloud companies in India, such as Sify, AppPoint, and Aditi Technologies. MSys was named in the list due to its cloud expertise spanning across various infrastructure clouds, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, CloudStack, OpenStack, etc.

MSys perceived a major advancement in its cloud expertise with the acquisition of a technology company called Clogeny in April 2014. Pune-based Clogeny has already been a prolific cloud player from India with a good clientele from North America. Clogeny provides solutions on a wide range of cloud domains. Clogeny also has specific expertise groups that target some of the major cloud domains. Some of Clogeny’s top-ranking cloud customers include Citrix, Chef, CumuLogic, Cbeyond, and RiverMeadow.

About Silicon Review

The Silicon Review is a thought leadership publication for business professionals in the IT sector. It’s one of the publications that top CEOs, CTOs, VPs, managers, and thousands of IT professionals subscribe to, to get updates on what is current in the IT industry. It is also a platform regularly used by top IT executives to share their opinions and insights with the industry. It incorporates latest developments and insights from nine technology verticals: software, IT services, big data, mobile, cloud, security, telecommunications, hot startups, and best companies to work for. The leaders of each community strive to keep the community live by incorporating the press-releases and updates from it.

Silicon Review has its corporate office in the hub of software development in India, Bangalore. The development office is based in Bhubaneshwar.

“It’s quite an honor to be recognized as a part of top 20 cloud service companies in India. This encouragement makes us truck forward with more energy and enthusiasm. I would like to express my gratitude to Silicon Review for considering us among top cloud solutions companies.” – Sanjay Sehgal, CEO, MSys


About MSys Technologies

MSys started its operations in India in 2007. The major technology domains focused by the company include storage, cloud computing, embedded systems, big data, DevOps, testing, and test automation. For nearly a decade, MSys provided technology services to almost a hundred clients in storage and cloud domains. The acquisition of Clogeny in 2014 made MSys’s cloud leadership stronger. The company’s cloud services range across almost twenty cloud domains including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Apps, Microsoft Azure, CloudStack, OpenStack, Heroku, Cloudera, Rackspace, etc.

MSys and Clogeny cultivated strong expertise in the cloud domain by providing advanced technology solutions. Consistent innovation is one aspect that makes MSys different among its technology peers, according to several clients. Silicon Review considered a number of projects that MSys did for its clients, including hybrid cloud migration with SDN appliance; multi-cloud polyglot PaaS; enterprise SaaS product for a leader in server imaging and datacenter provisioning; cloud service integration for a cloud broker; among others.

Indian companies have a strong presence in the cloud technology scene. Storage and cloud innovations can drive growth and provide enormous advantages to IT companies. Having its presence in the two major hubs of software development in India—Chennai and Bangalore—helps MSys deliver its solutions faster and with greater quality to the clients. This is also one of the reasons why MSys is named a top cloud player in India.