MSys Technologies Accelerating Storage and DevOps Frontiers at Storage Developer Conference 2022 and ChefConf 2022

Alpharetta, Georgia (USA), September 5, 2022 – MSys is excited to be a part of the Storage Developer Conference 2022 in San Francisco, CA, and ChefConf 2022 in Boston, MA, and will be adding value through their Managed Storage Service and DevOps offerings.

Scale and Secure Storage Infrastructure Rapidly

The Storage Developers’ Conference is the world’s leading event for the data storage industry, focused on innovating storage transformation. Due to the upsurge in volumes, sources, and data channels, vast data exists in isolated pockets with privacy constraints for sharing the data for training an AI model. Also, problems like performance issues, cost, and security arise while transferring data from edge storage to a centralized cloud.

MSys’ storage maestro, Mohamed Ashraf Kottilungal Ibrahim Kutty, will share his storage transformation and management experiences through his Technical Paper presentation “AI & Blockchain – The Emerging Duets” at the Storage Developer Conference 2022. The presentation will focus on the idea of combining AI and Blockchain to address modern-day Storage performance issues and will shed light on:

  • Using AI for optimizing storage and overcoming challenges in Blockchain
  • Using Blockchain for consensus and decision-making in AI
  • Blockchain features of decentralization, immutability, and transparency
  • Federated learning techniques in AI/DL and challenges
  • Mutual benefits of combining AI and Blockchain with some of the use cases

MSys’ Managed Storage Services delivers comprehensive management of leading data storage software and hardware to simplify complex and heterogenous storage environments for better productivity and enhanced security.

Sanjay Sehgal, CEO, and Founder, MSys Technologies, states, “At MSys Technologies, our Storage experts are focused on innovating storage infrastructures to help businesses reduce IT operational costs and drive efficiency. We are happy to contribute and extend the MSys’ storage frontiers with our thought leadership and expertise on a global platform of Storage Developer Conference 2022.”

Automate IT Infrastructure and Accelerate Time-To-Value

ChefConf, a part of Progress360, is a multi-dimensional event focused on empowering attendees with the latest innovations and practices in the DevOps and DevSecOps community. The rise in the demand for an IT infrastructure with multilayered functionalities has increased complexities in operational management. There is an ardent need to manage heavy, repetitive, and business-critical workflows.

MSys’ DevOps aficionado, Krithika Srinivasan, will share her years of expertise in DevOps designing, architecting, and building Infrastructure Automation through the Technical Paper presentation “Modelling Threats and Vulnerabilities for Secure CI/CD Through Chef Automation Stack” at the ChefConf 2022.

The presentation will focus on:

  • Learning the role of Chef Automation Stack in embedding robust CI/CD pipeline security
  • Understanding the need for practices like Shift Left in terms of security for DevSecOps
  • Knowing the necessity of Chef Automation Stack in team alignment, security, and compliance management

MSys’ DevOps services help eliminate gridlocks in software development, testing and delivery by creating an inter-mixed culture of collaboration, communication, and automation.

Sunny Raskar, VP and Global Head, Sales and Marketing, MSys Technologies, states, “MSys’ DevOps Automation Specialists drive easy managing of cloud-native and traditional workloads while ensuring seamless application development and delivery. Our experts’ razor-sharp focus on the principle of Agile and Lean helps us simplify infrastructure automation and management.”

MSys Technologies is a thought leader in the Storage and DevOps ecosystem and continuously strives toward innovation. These events would be yet another opportunity for MSys to share the gems of its knowledge hub with technocrats worldwide.

About MSys Technologies

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