MSys Technologies Doubles Down on Datacenter Industry Innovation Focus; Unveils Five Intellectual Properties

Alpharetta, Georgia (USA), August 19, 2019 – MSys Technologies – a cutting-edge digital powerhouse with a focus on distributed systems and complex ecosystem integrations announced today that it has created five Intellectual Properties in the form of Trade Secrets. These Intellectual Properties are centered on four key services areas.

  • IT Infrastructure Automation
  • Cloud Native Computing
  • 5G and IoT
  • Lab-as-a-Service

Innovation in Software Product Engineering

The nodal idea behind creating five Intellectual Properties is propagating new age software engineering practices around Datacenter technologies, pillared on digital innovation. MSys Technologies will help Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud (SNVC) -based Independent Service Providers (ISVs) and Enterprises by providing complex software product engineering solutions that meet the market demands.

MSys Technologies’ Intellectual Properties encompass cutting-edge engineering practices, product accelerators – unique, domain-specific frameworks, protocol conformance procedures, and software product design emulators; along with multi-functionalities and complex test suites, and process excellence best practices. MSys Technologies plans to enable niche-engineering skillsets to develop multi-layered complex software products, in the areas of product architecture, product development, integration, and the interplay of products in large-scale enterprises datacenters.

Breakthrough in Software Product Engineering – The Rosetta Stone of MSys Technologies’ Thought Leadership

Sunny Raskar, VP Sales and Marketing, planted the initial seeds to create a Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud (SNVC) innovation-first lab in Jan 2018. Sunny, in collaboration with other MSys Technologies’ engineering leaders, was instrumental in hiring and setting-up a team of high-end Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud (SNVC) architects. Sunny became the technical research director and worked to expand Research and Development capabilities.

Shriram Pore – AVP Storage Engineering and Divyank Shukla- Senior Storage Architect, were strategically hired to capitalize on MSys Technologies’ existing skillsets and built future-ready, digitally powered capabilities.

Innovation-First Lab – Leapfrogging Digital Acceleration into Market Advantage

Digital technologies like IoT, Cloud Native, 5G, and others have gamified the end-user experience. It has also simultaneously unlocked multiple revenue streams – product companies need to up their game by orchestrating intelligent digital solutions.

The technical lab will drive MSys Technologies’ Research and Development efforts to create innovation possibilities within ‘Datacenter Technologies’ consisting of Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud (SNVC).
In the pulsating moment, Sunny Raskar, VP Sales and Marketing, summates “If your software product doesn’t reach the market on time, you will experience a nosedive. This is because the market dynamics alter constantly and spontaneously, and your product – however brilliant, falls short of end-user expectation. We at MSys Technologies decided to develop an innovation-first lab to provide breakthrough software product engineering solutions to Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud (SNVC) industries.”

He adds, “We believe the innovation-first lab will be a short-term steroidal injection to maintain growth amidst disruptions, and in the long term, it will create sustainable, innovative blueprints.”

Featured Intellectual Properties

1. Domain – IT Infrastructure Automation

Intellectual Property Name: LSM-Based Storage Techniques
Intellectual Property Hallmark: MSys Technologies’ Storage Mavens, Shriram Pore, and Rohan Puri will present their Technical Paper, “LSM-Based Storage Techniques – strengths and trade-offs” at the SNIA Storage Developer Conference US 2019.

2. Domain – Cloud Native Computing

Intellectual Property Name: Recommendation Engine for Data Eviction and Microblogging Blockchain
Intellectual Property Hallmark: MSys Technologies’ Cloud Maven, Divyank Shukla, presented the Technical Paper Recommendation Engine for Data Eviction Policy in CSP” at SNIA Storage Developer Conference India 2019.

Divyank will also present the Technical Paper Microblogging Blockchain-based encrypted Cloud Storage Architecture with compliance to General Data Protection Regulation – Right to Erasure (Right to be Forgotten)” at SNIA Storage Developer Conference US 2019.

3. Domain – 5G and IoT

Intellectual Property Name: Fabrics/NVMe-oF for SDS
Intellectual Property Hallmark: MSys Technologies’ Storage Maven, Arindam Sarkar presented Technical Paper, “Fabrics/NVMe-oF’s Storage’s New Magic Wand” at Flash Memory Summit 2019.

4. Domain – Lab-as-a-Service

Intellectual Property Name: Application Benchmarking for Kubernetes Cluster
Intellectual Property Hallmark: MSys Technologies’ Lab-as-a-Service Mavens, Pooja Pandey, and Pranjali Malode will present their Technical Paper, “Application Performance benchmarking for NVMe-oF persistent volume (on Kubernetes cluster)” at SNIA Storage Developer Conference US 2019.

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