MSys Technologies Expanding Cloud And Automation Engineering Horizons at SNIA Storage Developer Conference EMEA 2022

Alpharetta, Georgia (USA), June 14, 2022 – MSys Technologies is expanding the horizons for Cloud Infrastructure and Automation Engineering with its Technical Paper Presentation at the SNIA SDC EMEA event on June 14, 2022. Kannadasan Palani, Senior Test Manager, MSys Technologies, is listed amongst the distinguished engineers for his technical paper titled – “Ansible Automation Mesh To Connect Disparate Automation Components For Hybrid Clouds.” MSys Technologies has always lived up to its reputation as thought leader in the storage, cloud, and digital ecosystem. The event would be yet another opportunity for MSys to share the gems of its knowledge hub with technocrats across the world.

Technology and Software Driving The Global Business

It is a known fact that amongst the top 10 companies in the Fortune 500 list for 2022, at least three happen to be directly associated with the IT business. Moreover, the other companies on the list also are leveraging digital transformation growth strategy. Conferences like SNIA SDC EMEA encourage the global community of technocrats for networking and shared learning. It provides a global platform to connect and share the respective authoritative knowledge base in technology, innovation, operability, and expertise. The engineers are inspired to experiment more and build intelligent models using the cutting-edge technologies. MSys Technologies has its purpose aligned with the consistent expansion of storage and cloud engineering frontiers. Therefore, the company plays a crucial role in the Storage Developer Conference, especially with the insights offered by Kannadasan as one of the distinguished speakers.

Automation Frameworks For Multi-Cloud And Hybrid Cloud Environment

As per Gartner, Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments play a vital role in next-generation digital growth for all the ISVs and global enterprises. The paper talks about the auto-scaling and configuration management benefits of the Ansible-based automation platform. It then discusses the challenges of managing the Docker and Containers for Hybrid and Multi-Cloud environments. The prime learning objectives of the paper are centered around Ansible-based automation frameworks and hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The paper essentially illustrates scalable automation by Ansible and its benefits for CI/CD on popular cloud environments.

Sanjay Sehgal, Chairman and CEO, MSys Technologies, aptly puts, “Agile software product engineering services is essential for the global industries to build and rapidly roll out the products. Therefore, the engineering community needs a constant intake of conceptual models, upcoming technologies, and levers for operational efficiencies. I congratulate Kannadasan for taking the helm and represent not only MSys Technologies but a much vast force of innovative technocrats who are crucial drivers of contemporary commerce”

Sunny Raskar, VP and Global Head, Sales and Marketing, MSys Technologies, adds, “Hybrid and complex ecosystems in the current global business landscapes require dynamic scaling and transformations. MSys Technologies brings a vast experience in Storage, Networking, Virtualization, and Cloud product engineering services that enables modern enterprise-grade production environments. Such opportunities to showcase our work in events like SNIA SDC EMEA 2022 validates our subject matter expertise in the automation and digital dynamism.”

MSys Technologies invites the global technology leaders, visionaries and engineers to leverage this opportunity at SNIA SDC EMEA on June 14, 2022. The most innovative minds in IT domain that the organization has to offer as technical architects and engineers are eager to connect with you.

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