MSys Technologies makes it to the Top 20 Fastest Growing Storage Companies in 2016

Storage press-releasesletter published an article stating the top fastest growing storage companies in sales, either start-ups, private or public firms, from 2015 to 2016 (calendar year or fiscal year).
MSys Technologies has been listed as one of the companies in the top 21 as very recently it had published a press release demonstrating its growth in percentage of sales. The growth rate stated was 55% and hence emerged as one of the most promising and fast growing companies in the storage domain.
The companies that topped the list were StorPool with 360% up in revenue, Unitrends 300% up and Kaminario 270% up in the stated year. With young companies specializing in niche and specific technologies finding a place in the list, the year 2017 promises to showcase a very innovative lineup of products and services in the storage industry.
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About MSys Technologies

MSys Technologies delivers solutions in Datacenter domains such as Storage, Virtualization, Cloud, Networking, UX/UI engineering, and FinTech. MSys’ gamut of service offerings spans across Product Engineering, DevOps, Maintenance and Support, Predictive Analytics and Test Automation. MSys is based out of Chennai, India, and Alpharetta in Georgia, USA. The company also maintains offices in Vietnam, and in the Indian IT cities of Bangalore and Pune.