MSys Technologies Provides Cloud Computing Services to Multiple Clients

MSys Technologies, a global technology services company focusing on storage, cloud computing, Internet of Things(IoT) and Analytics completed a successful 2015 with significant business growth, driven by accelerating client wins, new product skills and physical expansion. Sanjay Sehgal, CEO of MSys asserts, “MSys has experienced remarkable growth with 300% in 2015. This propels us to work for more disruptive technologies and undertake challenging projects. Our deeper and wider expansion into cutting edge technologies coupled with more narrowed Sales and Marketing strategies, ensures that we confront 2016 with renewed fervor and positivity.”

Client Expansion

MSys Technologies–a Georgia-based technology company focusing on storage, cloud, embedded systems, test automation, DevOps, and big data–provides cloud-based services to multiple industry-leading clients.

Cloud technology has completely revolutionized how we provide IT software and infrastructure. Today, most of the software companies rely on cloud platforms to release their applications, products, and services to multiple clients. There are several advantages to this delivery model, including cost reduction, universal access, high scalability, reduction in physical space occupied by servers and storage devices, streamlined hardware infrastructure, and the capability to run the applications of any size.

MSys has expertise in all cloud- computing models, including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. These are Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service respectively. In each model, the kind of application that is delivered to the client differs. In SaaS model, it’s just a piece of software that is provided over the cloud as a service. In PaaS, a complete platform, including an operating system, programming languages used for development, databases, and servers are provided as part of the service. In the IaaS domain, you will get virtual machines on the cloud.

Major PaaS providers in the industry include Microsoft Azure, Google App Engine, etc., while the major IaaS provider is Amazon Web Services. MSys has in the last few years gathered great expertise in AWS, Azure, Google Apps, HP Cloud, Rackspace, OpenStack, Netsuite, etc.

MSys and its subsidiary Clogeny have done various projects in private cloud planning and deployments; provisioning, monitoring, and automations; assessments; cloud lifecycle management; datacenter management; application migration; and cloud analytics.

Since its inception in 2007, MSys took leading clients in storage, server imaging, and datacenter provisioning. Beyond these client engagements, MSys also provides a cloud-based load-testing solution known as PurpleStrike RT, which works based on Amazon AWS EC2 architecture.

“Many companies are moving to the cloud these days. A company with leading expertise in all cloud technologies is required for successful migration to the cloud. MSys has many engineers who have gathered good experience in this domain.”
Anand JK Jain, Director of Engineering, MSys


About MSys

MSys is an innovator in offering IT services and domain-specific automation software. MSys, together with its unparalleled focus and in-depth technical expertise, delivers unprecedented value at an affordable cost in the areas of storage, cloud computing, telecommunication, embedded systems, virtualization, and, networking. For more information, please visit