MSys Technologies Provides Embedded Services to Top Clients

MSys Technologies, a global technology services company focusing on storage, cloud computing, Internet of Things(IoT) and Analytics completed a successful 2015 with significant business growth, driven by accelerating client wins, new product skills and physical expansion. Sanjay Sehgal, CEO of MSys asserts, “MSys has experienced remarkable growth with 300% in 2015. This propels us to work for more disruptive technologies and undertake challenging projects. Our deeper and wider expansion into cutting edge technologies coupled with more narrowed Sales and Marketing strategies, ensures that we confront 2016 with renewed fervor and positivity.”

Client Expansion

MSys Technologies LLC, a technology company based in Georgia, started providing embedded solutions to multiple clients in the North American region. MSys started operations in 2007 and subsequently expanded the operations in the US within a short span in Johns Creek. The company provides IT services in storage, cloud computing, embedded systems, virtualization, and test automation.

Under embedded systems, MSys gathered years of experience by working on multiple projects for several clients. Some of the popular embedded clients that MSys had in the past include Eurotech, a European manufacturer of high performance computing, for which MSys focused on development on M2M devices and embedded circuit boards and Lantronix, a leader in networking equipment, for which MSys focused on development on networking and IT management.

MSys has expertise in several embedded technologies, including firmware and driver development for various microcontroller based boards and chipsets, etc.; middleware development; application software development for specific embedded systems, storage modules, etc.; sustenance on networking products includes development and enhancements; and porting and technology migration. MSys has engineers with technical expertise in several programming languages, such as VDHL, real-time operating systems (RTOS), Embedded C and Verilog, etc.;; IDE simulators, such as Matlab, LabView, and ModelSim; and various platforms, including Linux, Solaris, uClinux, VxWorks, etc.

“We have gathered years of experience in storage, cloud, and virtualization. Getting into embedded technology was both interesting and challenging to us. We are gearing toward a brighter future by incorporating all the elements of the technological spectrum.”
Sanjay Sehgal, CEO, MSys Technologies

In 2014, MSys acquired a tech company based in Pune known as Clogeny. With Clogeny’s expertise added to the MSys family, the overall depth of expertise has increased for the company.

Linux kernel, Wi-Fi, Open-GL, etc., have been added to the expertise of MSys through some recent projects. The future growth plans of MSys will incorporate all types of mobile platforms–Android and iOS.

About MSys

MSys Technologies is a technology services company focusing on storage, cloud computing, virtualization, embedded systems, quality assurance, DevOps, and big data. MSys also provides three major products for test automation and load-testing (Mobitaz, MTAS, and PurpleStrike RT). The company started operations in 2007 in Chennai, India, and soon expanded to Johns Creek, Georgia. In 2014, MSys acquired a Pune-based technology company called Clogeny, which has done several projects in cloud and DevOps domains.