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The hugely dynamic market demands a skilled workforce that can quickly adapt to market conditions. Businesses have dramatically augmented contingent workforces as they struggle with soaring labor costs. The current job market experiences a shortage of skilled personnel with critical skillsets. The contingent workforce exists to bridge the gap between the demands and expectations of companies that are in dire need of a specialized workforce. One of the reasons why contingent workforces are on the rise is because companies want to implement them for strategic and operational goals. Such a workforce is also handy to supplement the existing internal talent without burdening the company with overspend. However, the crux of contingency hiring can be lost with many organizations, as many indulge in rampant hiring without adequate and concrete requirements.

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The downside in hiring a contingent workforce can be mismanagement. Many organizations are not skilled enough to manage a contingent workforce effectively. Some challenges associated with this hiring model are poor data management, lack of integrated workforce, and inadequate technology exposure. These challenges can expose a company to significant risks.

Additionally, insufficient data and experience can hamper a company’s ability to deploy the best talent in a suitable position. Awareness about the correct protocols can benefit companies to improve operational costs, more organizational flexibility, and stronger workforce alignment with business objectives. This leads to a high-quality contingent workforce that meets immediate talent needs and is aligned to business needs.


MSys Technologies’ Contingency Hiring process emphasizes on meeting client requirements by identifying the right talent that has the requisite skills and experience. Our candidates are evaluated from a vast database of skilled engineers and technologists with credible background information. MSys Techniologies hires the most competitive talent of technical professionals equipped with essential skills and competencies. Our decade long engagement with our clients has been cemented with our relentless commitment to meet the fluctuating business needs.

BOT Services

MSys Technologies’ BOT model is one of the most comprehensive and refined among product engineering companies. We act as a local partner for our offshore client to set up a subsidiary efficiently over a given period. We hire, train, and eventually transfer candidates who are ready to justify your RoI from Day 1. MSys Technologies creates a dedicated offshore development center that provides cost-effective and innovative solutions for your growing business requirements. MSys Technologies offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability beginning from the start of your contract; our proficient processes ensure a swift ramp-up of your operations. Access to the latest amenities and resources ensures that hires are happy, increasing your security and reducing attrition.

Our center becomes a natural extension of your business operations, giving you all the benefits of outsourcing while choosing to retain total control of operations.

Our Customer Speaks

“The team at MSys Technologies has proven its excellent understanding of our requirements time and again. They have always exceeded our expectations on time, with the desired quality, and within our budget. We appreciate their flexible operational model and proven track record of delivering all our projects well on time. The team has successfully established end-to-end operations of our offshore development and saved over 30% of our total development cost.”

– CTO and EVP Engineering, Leading cloud and data management company.

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