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8 Key Phases for Web Test Automation: A QA Starters’ Guide

Per the World Quality Report, 79 percent of respondents plan to use bots for set-up of test environment. Global businesses face the brunt of rising/changing customer experiences and evolving technologies. To keep the pace of growth, they must maintain a sharper competitive edge. You see, the window of opportunities opens and close, at lightning speed. When the stakes are so high, software companies are expected to ensure precision in their process and practice.

But, the journey towards QA automation isn’t a simple one. Companies encounter multiple challenges – creating and executing excruciating test cases, time-consuming test development cycles, testing legacy systems, and dealing with mind-numbing changes in the configuration of applications modules.

This Playbook brings out to light the challenges, myths, and guides towards implementing a right and effective test automation framework. It succinctly speaks about key ingredients you need to move from manual testing to automated testing with ease and precision. It also focuses on Web Test Automation

  • detailing the various automation phases,
  • briefly explaining the importance of custom framework with an example

Author: Ashish Sharma

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