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Champion DevOps like a Boss with this Ultimate Guide

DevOps Mantra – People > Process > Tools.

Organizations are yearning to digitize their systems and embrace the digital way of working. In this journey, most of them realize the critical role of DevOps. They know without delivering customer delight, the success of any organization will be short-lived.

DevOps’ first real impact is visible in the happy workforce and transparent process through tools. This, in turn, ensures reduced development time, frequent product release, continuous deployment, and high product quality.

This Playbook enlightens you on various elements that make your DevOps adoption a success. It delves into some key facts and mention myths and challenges. The Playbook also summarizes the quintessential list of DevOps tools, while highlighting the importance of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) and Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Additionally, it offers insights into

  • Best practices for Docker implementation
  • Best practices for running Kubernetes clusters in multiple zones
  • Achieving continuous deployment through Kubernetes

Author: Ashish Sharma

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