2 game-changing trends that will define embedded systems in the 2020s

MSys Marketing May 14

There has been significant strides within the embedded technology domain in the last one decade. Today, a Microcontroller has a clock speed of above 1 GHz as compared to 48 MHz in the last decade. The economical rates of Microcontroller coupled with stupendous capabilities has shifted the scenario of their applications. Let us now look at the top 2 trends within embedded systems that will define the narrative in the year 2020.

Learn to Build Linux Based Embedded System

Have you ever thought of building an embedded system with your choice of hardware and OS modifications and software above it? Believe me; it’s not at all as arduous as it sounds. You need a little knowledge of C, Makefiles (compilation process), shell scripting, and a Linux based workstation, before you start. The process involves an open-source tool called Buildroot.

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