DevSecOps: 3 Mission-Critical Trends to Follow in 2020

MSys Marketing May 05

The prolific rise in digital transformational technologies warrants organization to deliver faster, agile, scalable and personalized experiences to their customers. Therefore, there is an increasing dependencies on Cloud and digital technologies such as Big Data, IoT, and AI/ML. This ensures application are constantly upgraded with cutting edge features. But, with these comes the issue of security, which if not dealt with can create several damages to an organization.

The role of DevSecOps is extremely crucial to ensure a robust security mechanisms for software development lifecycle. Although, the concept is not yet completed adopted at a full scale, it is gradually making inroads. At first, implementing DevSecOps can be tricky. However, a sound plan backed by right tools can do the trick. Let’ see what key trends in DevSecOps are for 2020.

DevSecOps completes the DevOps lifecycle by injecting security into its core. It helps companies transcend into a broader security blanket with source code analysis, vulnerability testing, penetration testing, and access management, among others. However, having in place a DevSecOps guide has been a matter of concern.

Get insight the five-pointer DevSecOps security checklist that can be included as DevSecOps best practices. Read our Blog titled, “5 DevSecOps Best Practices for Your Security Team

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