DevSecOps: Security Management in 2020

MSys Marketing May 05

In 2019, the number of cybersecurity incidents registered a spike. This despite following a robust security procedures. Most of the breaches resulted in financial loss, while denting the reputation of the organization. Therefore, in 2020 organization should align their security plan on the lines of DevSecOps.

Let understand what DevSecOps is and how it can help secure you from external and internal threats.

Continuous everything and DevSecOps work in tandem. For the environment to have continuity, there mustn't be any kind of threat. Because if there is, it will make the Continuous Everything to crumble down. The process of following continuous everything culminates into continuous delivery pipelines. These pipelines help in vetting daily committed codes. Therefore, it makes sense to patch security checks within these pipelines and run them automatically. This way any unseen vulnerabilities will be nipped in the bud.

Understand the five key DevSecOps steps to ensure security in CI/CD pipelines. Read the blog titled, “How to Secure CI/CD Pipelines with these 5 Key DevSecOps Practice

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