Pros and Cons of Automated App Testing

MSys Marketing May 22

Modern mobile applications are more than just mobile applications. They are inching towards more sophisticated and hybrid versions of their former selves. The technologically charged digital transformation era deems mobile testing as a crucial and integral affair. As with any testing process- there are manual vs automation testing debates in the mobile arena as well.

In this post we are going to look at the pros and cons of Automate Testing for Mobile Applications.


Automated mobile testing provides a faster and efficient process with wider coverage and better results. This is ideal for repetitive tasks and has the benefits of reducing the time as well as the cost of developing and testing mobile apps. Ideally, one should aim at automating almost all the testing, and only use manual where the automation cannot work or is not economical. Consider roping in a professional and experienced product engineering services company that ensures quality and functionality of the applications, without compromising on data security and faster turnaround time.

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