Top 19 Git Commands With Examples – Part 1

MSys Marketing May 22

Git is a version control system that is created to manage small to large and complex project in an efficient manner. Git is an open source tool, which is free to use. Most developers require performance, functionality, flexibility and security that is offered by Git. Additionally, Git is also a distributed version-control tool for DevOps.

Let’s look at top 10 out of 19 Git Commands with examples.

Choosing Git as corporate source code management is a great decision. It is open source and free to use. But, it comes with technical hassles, which impact your business productivity. Git design becomes insufficient for enterprise’s native security controls. Organization often use hybrid SCM demanding management of SVN and Git simultaneously. Further to maintain federated repositories, which are distributed in nature it becomes tedious to locate code and execute strategies for failover and backup. All, this is easily solved when you rely on a trusted Git development partner. MSys is happy to be that reliable partner for multiples clients. If you wish to discuss any challenge, do contact our Git Architects.

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