Machine Learning- Why It Is the Future of Technology

Sameeksha Makhijani Jun 15 - 2 min read

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Recently, an article by Forbes enlisted the top 10 technologies set to drive the technology industry in the year to come. “Machine learning” a relatively new concept is based on the theory of pattern recognition and computational learning in artificial intelligence. It is fast catching up and taking the tech industry by storm.

Machine learning has been named as “the future” that will be the normal way to function very soon. It’s important to delve into what this technology is and how it can be of use to us. Very simply put, machine learning is nothing but the phenomenon of computers learning from experience; using algorithms that repeatedly absorb from data, machine learning enables computers to discover hidden insights without being clearly programmed to do so.

Machine learning is a very practical application that reaps the true business benefits in any given set up which is saving on time and money. Tasks are now being handled by virtual assistant solutions that earlier required a person who managed activities with passwords, etc. This enables human efforts to be diverted to better and critical areas that can raise customer satisfaction and render the organization in a competitive space.

Thinking logically, there are certain factors that contribute in the excellent functioning of machine learning – the technology. Massive availability of data and the exceptional power of computation render this technology incomparable. With the availability of humongous data and help of IoT in today’s world, many algorithms with patterns and combinations are devised to throw up intelligent inferences just like the human brain. This is facilitated with the advancement of computer hardware that is now able to perform way more complex computations in a matter of nano seconds with accurate results each time, every time. A human brain is intelligent but sometimes lacks the ability to retain such massive data. That is where machine learning takes over.

Machine learning encompasses many complex learning models with zillions of parameters that analyze and interpret data in seconds.

We see a plethora of applications bursting from this technology thus giving the world a genius AI and making life easy for the inhabitants of this planet. Machine learning is one technology that has the potential to dim the line between science and dream.

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