4 AI and Analytics trends to watch for in 2020-2021

Never did we imagine the fictional robotic characters in novellas to become a reality. However, we wished, didn’t we? The theory of ‘Bots equal to…

Cloud Updates

An Introduction to Serverless and FaaS (Functions as a Service)
Evolution of Serverless Computing We started with building monolithic applications for installing and configuring OS. This was followed by installing…
Srikanth Tunuguntla

DevOps Updates

4 Steps to Load Test MongoDB using YCSB workloads on Kubernetes cluster
Introduction In this post, we'll be creating a Kubernetes cluster and configuring vSphere storage for kubernetes. We shall also deploy…
Dawood Munavar, Arun K.

UI/UX Updates

How Do I Ensure Effective UI Test Automation?
If you look back 10 years from now, you realize, technological teams did not pay much heed to user-experience. They…
Ashish Sharma

Virtualization Updates

vRealize Operations Manager: Everything you want to Know!
vROps is a tool from VMware that helps IT administrators monitor, troubleshoot, and manage the health and capacity of their…

Automation Updates

What is Chef Automate?
Introduction to Chef Automate Chef Automate provides a full suite of enterprise capabilities for workflow, node visibility, and compliance. Chef…
Piyush Awasthi

CEO Desk Updates

Beyond COVID-19: Six Things that will be the new normal
Beyond COVID-19: Six Things that will be the new normal The heroism of Winston Churchill, who steered England through victory…
Sanjay Sehgal
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