Why Hyper-Converged is best solution for Storage, Networking, Virtualization?

Amit Devgan Jul 14 - 3 min read

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The storage industry is evolving, albeit with an increasing need of ease of managing datacentres. With the advent of hyper-converged solutions, there has been a significant advantage in running datacentres.

In this article, we will discuss datacentre related scenarios which can be circumvented with a hyper-converged solution.
Scenario 1: The need to build a data centre which requires storage, networking and virtualization.
Scenario 2: System failures in the storage system; considering that for the storage industry, triaging with failures is very tedious process.


The efficient solution to the above problem is to have a hyper-converged solution which can be useful to provide a one stop resolution to your storage, networking and virtualization requirements. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Hyper-converged solutions are sold as a single deck box having in-built storage, networking and virtualization solutions.  So considering the first scenario, where you want to build a datacentre automation system, you need to rely on other vendors for solutions. Hyper-converged is a highly scalable platform that gives you everything in a single deck which seamlessly integrates your SAN, servers and virtualization software.

Considering the second scenario of system failure, you may not necessarily be aware of the root cause, and triaging failure usually needs the involvement of vendors. Instead, if you opt for a hyper-converged solution, you get to know about the root-cause of any failure, as hyper-converged infrastructures provide single page application that offer easy fault detection. Cost optimization, data optimization, data rebalancing and high availability are also some key features which are provided by Hyper-Converged Solutions. Most hyper-converged solutions provide 24*7 data availability, greatly reducing downtime and data-loss possibilities. Hence most hyper-converged solutions provide zero RPO (Recovery Point Objective) which corresponds to no data loss and zero RTO (Recovery Time Objective) which corresponds to no downtime. In the storage industry, data protection is very crucial, and hyper converged solutions provide efficient answers for them.

Also disaster recovery and data protection is a very important aspect for storage systems. With the help of hyper-converged solutions, disaster recovery and data protection are managed very well. Hyper-converged solutions come with bare metal along with pre-installed operating systems which provide ease of management and avoid any compatibility issues.

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