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Owing to the mounting demands placed on IT infrastructure, Network Virtualization has become an increasingly popular solution for organizations ranging from small to enterprise-level. Condensing age-old hierarchical, multi-tiered networks into more compact, resilient, feature rich, two-tiered networks are more advantageous for the data center. The traditional, legacy architecture limited workload size, mobility, and restricted virtual workloads to a smaller set of physical servers. The scaling of network virtualization in the data center revealed the limitations of these fabrics. Though this architecture poses a few challenges, the benefits of more scalable and more stable layer 3 networks supersede those challenges. Scalability of network and computing density is often driven by the economics of workload convergence. In order to meet the dynamic needs of business stakeholders, ISVs must adopt automation to deliver better mobility experience.

Concisely, virtualized networks must scale, be stable and be programmatically administered.

Increase network efficiency with Virtualized Networks

One of the most expensive costs associated with enterprise IT is the hardware. Network Virtualization can cause significant cost reduction due to reduced network cables, eliminated switches, and reduced router interfaces. Not only that, it further reduces cost of maintaining and replacing those components. Virtualization improves IT productivity by reducing the work associated with maintenance and repair of the physical equipment, and makes it easier for IT to focus on other aspects of running the business efficiently.

“Network Virtualization solutions improves IT productivity by reducing the maintenance and repair of physical equipment, making it easier for IT to focus running the business efficiently.”

Enterprises can realize tremendous cost saving and in turn implement intelligent network virtualization solutions for their business. Apart from cost-saving, rapid scalability and provisioning features of virtualized networks lead to tremendous flexibility for enterprises.

Network Virtualization Offerings

With MSys Technologies, businesses can easily deploy modern, scalable and stable virtualized network for end users. MSys Technologies’ Network Virtualization can achieve more than virtualization- they can streamline operations and accelerate business with software-defined and hyperconverged infrastructures. MSys Technologies develops products that enables businesses to build their own infrastructure, or extend the capabilities of SDN to create a seamless WAN that connects datacenters. MSys lends experience and innovation to your products so that they connect sites, workgroups and applications faster, more securely and more cost-effectively.


MSys Technologies’ Network Virtualization expertise includes:

SDN/NFV: Deploying SDN/NFV functions through a rich set of distinguished offerings that include IPs, solutions, frameworks, plugins and accelerators.

SD-WAN: Offering the benefits of a low-latency global network with dynamic application performance, through thoroughly entailed development and testing expertise.

Network Monitoring: Architecting on-premise, cloud and hybrid infrastructure.

Wireless Engineering: Offering end-to-end wireless engineering expertise including Device Testing, Security Protocols, Performance Engineering, Wi-Fi Certification, Cloud Control, and Analytics to clients.

Network Security: Helping businesses to reduce risk across network and protect data. Enabling IT teams to save time, avoid manual errors, and reduce risk with simplified and automated security solutions.

Our Customer Speaks

“MSys Technologies’ in-depth knowledge of network virtualization solutions has been instrumental in seamless implementations across a number of customers. They quickly identified and understood our key needs and suggested creative and cost-efficient solutions to addressing them.”

– Network Architect, Leading IT and Networking Enterprise

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