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The IT industry is ecstatically expanding into newer branches and fresher innovation ideas. The time between idea to product and then to the target user-base is shrinking by the minute. However, a possible saturation because of too many services and a limited market might lead to aggressive escalations in cost and resource expenditure.

Therefore, such tight packed market needs to have a cost-optimized outlet where unparalleled services and products can be developed with optimal resource investment. This might be the best time for global enterprises and ISVs to devote their attention towards Offshore Development Centres (ODCs)

End-to-end Offshore Development (ODC) services offer the physical infrastructure, dedicated skill and expert management for the client. With the virtualization and cloud technologies, and modern networking advancements in place, ODC can promise top-notch product engineering, with unmatched skillset and a collaborative work culture aligned with the client’s business vision. The customized DevOps teams can translate the client’s business goals into high-functioning digitalized applications that would ensure the best experience an end-customer can ever ask for.

A dedicated ODC can do wonders for resource management, talent acquisition, data and network security, quick turnaround, and of course cost-optimization. Efficient consultation for the clients, extended product support and remote management truly achieved with offshore centers that are well-aligned with the business strategies of the company.

ODCs promise easy access to a rich expertise pool that can help you consistently scale up the technology for your digital transformation ambitions. It acts as an on-demand skill repository that can also be easily managed by experienced technology leaders to lead complex digital transformation projects. This also strengthens your core business areas as the resource that would otherwise be wasted on talent acquisition, performance monitoring, and backlog management is now easily delegated to a reliable and dedicated workforce.

Transparency with Agility can easily be assured when the product engineering pipeline can be managed dynamically as promised by offshore development services. A good offshore development services company would also extend constant support irrespective of constraints like geographical proximity or time zones. However, the companies must be wary of investing in offshore development that doesn’t offer and end-to-end development ownership and a productivity rate that can ascertain much higher ROI than otherwise.

Offshore Development Center (ODC) Services Offerings

MSys Offshore Development (ODC) Services help the clients establish a dedicated infrastructure, skill, and management that is well-versed with all the latest technology developments in the contemporary digital landscape. Our experts offer easy ramp-up for your upscaling your product engineering with competent time to market, quicker release cycles, and a secure, smart, and consistent DevOps pipeline. We offer dedicated engineering and management, customized development, fail-safe security measure, continuous testing, unparalleled data analytics and a 24X7 product support. We have the skillset adept with the most relevant technologies, cost-effective workforce management, shortest release cycles, a rich knowledge base for our global clientele. Here are the offerings for MSys Technologies Offshore Development Center (ODC) Services:

  • Customized Product Engineering
  • Secure and Dedicated Development Infrastructure
  • Human-Centric UI/UX Design
  • Personalized Web Application Development and Management
  • Specialized DevSecOps
  • QA Automation
  • Dedicated Data Analytics
  • Hybrid and Multi cloud Infrastructure Management
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Hyperscalable Networking
  • 24X7 Product Support
  • Our Customer Speaks

    “The team at MSys Technologies has proven its excellent understanding of our requirements time and again. They have always exceeded our expectations on time, with the desired quality, and within our budget. We appreciate their flexible operational model and proven track record of delivering all our projects well on time. The team has successfully established end-to-end operations of our offshore development and saved over 30% of our total development cost.”

    – CTO and EVP Engineering, Leading cloud and data management company.

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