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Data analytics, as essential as it is for the business continuity, might not be everyone’s cup of tea in the market. A limited awareness about the nuances of data mining, predictive analysis and data modeling may lead companies to wrongly invest in a bunch of data scientists and data engineers without having a comprehensible vision for them to work upon.

Although, the recent rapid developments in the cloud infrastructure and emergence of containerization, microservices, and AI/ML has led to subscription-based deployable virtualized services that are much easier to manage even if outsourced to external experts. Analytics as a service (AaaS) is one such service and it might change the way companies see data forever.

Deploy and Drive with Data

Intelligence needs to be customized per the business needs. Such customization can only be realized if the business data is understood end-to-end with sophisticated tools for data analytics. Analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) provides just the feature in a more flexible and cost effective way through its subscription based model.

AaaS is a great fit for customized Business Intelligence especially for end-users with a limited IT experience. It is a cost-effective way to augment the on premise infrastructures and legacy systems with AI/ML, data mining, and predictive analytics for gaining actionable business insights. Being a virtualized service, AaaS is more reliable, scalable and automation friendly.

This means that the organizations with their DevOps teams and hybrid and multi cloud infrastructures would find them much empowering when it comes to smarter decision making in real-time.

AaaS is a great fit for customized Business Intelligence especially for end-users with a limited IT experience.

One-Click Analytics

Data analytics is an essential investment for organizations looking to modernize their legacy system or an end-to-end digital transformation. AaaS ensure the required intelligence by integrating with the legacy Data Warehouses, customized data visualization dashboards, and AI/ML based real-time reports.

With companies growing more and more data-reliant in these times AaaS the complex prescriptive analytics that can also help the CRM suites with customer journeys and enrich the business leaders with more informed product decisions.With minimal need for infrastructure add-ons and administrative disruption, AaaS can easily integrate with cloud storage, SaaS tools, and DevOps and CI/CD pipelines in no time.

MSys Analytics As A Service Offerings

MSys Analytics as a services complements well our vast cloud and automation expertise portfolio. Our AaaS experts are adept at grouping, and aggregating business data and feeding it to the AaaS tools for descriptive, diagnostic, and predictive analytics. We configure the analytics solutions and customize them to the clients existing infrastructure including the Data Warehouses, ETL/ELT, Dashboards, and OLAP. The reports are customized to the business decision engine and are generated in real-time.

Even for the clientele where the end-users have a limited technology experience, we have successfully built easy-to-use AaaS-based Analytics platforms with all the security and access standards in place. The analytics dashboard generates human-friendly data visualization with unnecessary data patterns filtered out for better insights.

Here are the prime offerings by MSys Analytics as a Service:

  • Customized Analytics-as-a-Service
  • AaaS Consultation
  • AaaS Platform
  • AaaS Deployment and Integration
  • AaaS Reporting and Dashboard
  • AaaS-based Predictive Modeling
  • AaaS Platform Support
  • AaaS Quality Assessement

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“MSys Technologies facilitated quality testing through automated test scripts. Our products’ efficiency improved by notches. We also saved costs in the overall test lifecycle,”

– Product Manager, Storage ISV.

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