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Extending Your Software Products Lifecycle to Maintain Profitability

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Retain Customers and Keep Products Up and Running

Product vendors are facing the daunting challenge of keeping pace with the rapidly changing technology landscape. They are in a fix on how to deal with both new product development as well as sustaining existing products. With a right partner who would help implement lean processes, create a superior customer experience, and practice data synthesis to discover new customer needs, product owners can boost customer retention rates and bring down TCO.

Exploring options such as moving from on-prem to SaaS models can help companies better serve existing customers while acquiring new ones. However, to meet these expectations, drive added revenue, and revitalize mature products, companies need a proven product sustenance partner. MSys Technologies’ in-house infrastructure of tools, client-partnerships, and innovation lab coupled with its precision-driven robust frameworks ensure relentless support to your end-of-life software products. Our intelligent services for sustaining products, pillared on analytics and machine learning, seamlessly integrate with existing defect resolution systems, enable faster turnaround time, and reduce cost in maintaining these products.

Our robust Software Product Sustenance and Support model consists of niche-expertise engineering teams ready to deliver on-site or offshore. Our support ensures the extended life of your legacy products, augments operational excellence, drives revenue, and ultimately consolidates your market position.

Our Software Product Sustenance and Support services

As part of our Sustenance engineering, we ensure periodic software updates and patches release, reconstruct end-user problems and fix it, implement performance tuning, and periodically review codes and facilitate future releases.

L1 to Ln support

Advance troubleshooting, Service Desk support, etc. while adhering to the SLAs and abiding by the ITIL compliant processes.

Sustaining Engineering

Addition of new services and feature extensions, test optimization, technology enhancements, localization, and customization

Re-Engineering/R&D Services

Leveraging emerging technologies, re-architecting, and white labeling for enhanced performance, scalability


Investigation of suitable platforms, cost-benefit analysis, going fully cloud-native and integration with other platforms with progressive Migration

Tools, Accelerators

Enabling Remote Diagnosis, data collection for triage, Preventive, and Corrective Maintenance

Our Customer Speaks

“Thanks to MSys Technologies, we were able to upgrade our mature product to cloud-native features. We were able to pass the core benefits of cloud to our customers, and we experienced an increase in our revenue. MSys acted as thorough professionals. Their handpicked team knew the core and, thus, were productive from day 1. We look forward to engaging with other key projects.”

– CTO of a financial software product company in the USA.

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