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Leveraging years of extensive research and expertise on innovative product engineering capabilities, our CAWI™ bot framework is highly scalable to devise chatbots with conviction, which can boost any organization’s tech standards! It humanizes interactions with customer service bots, reduces cost, and increases customer delight. Conversation Automated with Intelligence, or CAWI™. AI is an end-to-end enterprise bot builder platform that can help you build, train, deploy, and manage AI-rich communication channels. With state-of-art features such as enterprise-wide security, while maintaining access controls and entitlements, military-grade encryption for data at rest and data in transit, and multi-factor authentication, you can be assured that your data is secured and in control.

CAWI™. AI Expertise

With our years of expertise in creating Conversational AI Chatbot, we help your business develop AI-based chatbots super-fast and enhance your customer delight.

Support Bot

Solve your queries instantly

Lead Bot

Personalized customer care at your touch

HR Bot

Re-define entire employee experience

Feedback Bot

End-to-end feedback at ease

Travel Desk Bot

Keep your travel worries at a bay

Helpdesk Bot

Automating helpdesk processes on the go

Benefits of CAWI™. AI

Our highly scalable bot framework lets you create AI-based chatbots with confidence while boosting your organization’s tech standards!

  • Customer service at the click of a button
  • Chatbots can be programmed in multiple languages
  • Ease of usage with speedy installation, effortlessly customizable, and quick to deploy
  • Personalized interaction for boosting customer retention

  • Cost-effective design and deployment
  • Time tested custom bot frameworks
  • Ready for enterprise-level automation

  • Available on mobile, desktop, and the web
  • Custom NLP and adaptive learning
  • Ready for integration with multiple platforms, including backend

Why choose CAWI ™.AI

  • Bots with customizable intelligent dialogues
  • Runs in the cloud or on-premise
  • Custom branded and rapid deployment
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Integrated with social media messengers
  • Robust security controls
  • Easy & seamless upgrades
  • Voice to Speech recognition
  • Our Customer Speaks

    “The MSys team helped us by creating a Dev/Test lab. The lab environment was fully automated and helped us create a prototype, develop the product and test it simultaneously. We witnessed a significant reduction in our dev/test costs and improvement in product quality. ”

    – Principal Architect of a leading AI-based ISV.

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    Rapid ROI with 3x faster migrations and up to 43% lower costs

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