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Due to the explosion of internet and ecommerce, a tremendous amount of data is generated and made available to users. In addition to this, new type of data such as images, audios and videos have been stored and integrated with applications and databases, further accelerating the demand for storage capacity.

Cognition of SAN Storage Solutions

In recent years, storage area networks (SANs) have been gaining widespread adoption in enterprise datacenters and are proving effective in supporting a range of applications across a broad spectrum of industries. SAN storage is highly lauded for its performance, reliability, and versatility. SAN is a critical asset for most large enterprises as it is capable of better performance and higher capacity, thanks to faster networks, more powerful processors and solid state drives. One of the most pronounced benefits of SAN Storage solution is to simplify Storage Migration.

“A solid SAN Storage solution improves Disk Utilization architecture for your business”

If you have data that is accrued on a myriad of servers, it can be quite laborious to take the data off each server and move it to another location. Therefore, SAN Storage architecture gains more momentum as organizational data grows.

Efficient Disk Utilization with SAN Storage

Not having SAN storage could mean your business is stuck with practicing age-old traditions of buying a lot of disks and drives that are stuck into an expensive server. Having a solid SAN Storage solution means improving Disk Utilization architecture for your business. Centralizing your data backup using SAN Storage can safeguard your data using snapshots and data replication, in a disaster situation. This also improves the recovery time while reducing overall costs by sharing tape resources and eliminating backup windows.

SAN Storage Offerings

MSys Technologies’ SAN Storage solutions keep you on top of the game. With MSys Technologies’ SAN storage solutions, you can seamlessly integrate traditional data storage with cloud. MSys Technologies devises solutions that enable your products to support virtualization, hybrid multi-cloud and big data requirements. MSys Technologies’ storage engineering services help customize solutions to protect end users’ assets and maintain compliance of regulatory and security requirements. MSys Storage services are optimized for enterprise-class storage workloads and superior IoPS/ TB performance.

MSys Technologies engineers solutions for enterprise database systems and online transaction processing systems to meet the needs of the most demanding SAN server workloads. MSys Technologies best of breed SAN Storage Solutions are compatible with market leading bare metal and storage software products. MSys Technologies infuses scalability into your products that allows you to deliver enterprise class performance from the onset.

Our Customer Speaks

“MSys Technologies’ SAN Storage services have helped us overcome complexity. It has abled us to save cost and gain performance.”

– AVP, Storage-as-a-service Solution Company.

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