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Today, DevOps has smoothened the road for acclerated and more agile software development approaches by merging processes, teams, and technologies to develop an ever-evolving software development lifecycle (SDLC). And this has paved the path to more potent and effective SDLCs that are now capable of handling user requests, market demands, or technological problems.

DevOps tools have also transitioned to cloud offerings with the growing demand for cloud-driven technologies. The years of using these self-made tools and the need to develop a process that can build and deliver products at a more rapid pace inspired the advent of ‘Google Cloud DevOps.’

The Rise of Google Cloud DevOps

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) helps Google DevOps deploy, scale, and diagnose production defects in an easy web-based interface. Also, the functionality of DevOps with the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) heavily relies on the services on GCP, from developing and storing to deploying applications. The various Google Cloud DevOps services include Infrastructure as Code (IaC), secrets management, continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), Configuration management, and serverless computing.

GCP supports DevOps by offering various services to develop, store and deploy apps. DevOps features are accessible in the Google Cloud Platform. With so many benefits for DevOps on the Google Cloud Platform, it is essential to find out the significance of the Google Cloud DevOps services. The first is a faster head-start, as the services are available for use without setting up or installing the software. The next reason to depend on DevOps on the GCP is the accessibility of fully managed services. And the last is to go for GCP DevOps tools for ensuring scalability.

GCP supports DevOps by offering various services to develop, store and deploy apps.

Google Cloud DevOps Service Offerings

MSys Technologies offers sophisticated Google Cloud DevOps Solutions capabilities. Our experts at MSys, have the capacity to work at the highest levels independently while also working alongside in-house teams to develop and maintain innovative, effective Google Cloud DevOps Services.

Our Google Cloud DevOps Services include:

Google App Engine

Enabling you to pay for what you use with the help of Google App Engine. It automatically scales depending on your application’s traffic and resources consumed only during code execution.


Enabling you with the ability to predict business outcomes easily with in-built machine learning, without the compulsion to move data.


Facilitating no-downtime cluster resizing, high throughput with low latency, and flexible automatic replication to optimize the workload.

Google Cloud Datastore

Helping you to handle sharding and replication automatically, giving you a highly available and reliable database that scales automatically to manage your application load.

Kubernetes Engine

Enabling automatic deployment, scaling, and managing applications through a Kubernetes container.

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“MSys Technologies facilitated quality testing through automated test scripts. Our products’ efficiency improved by notches. We also saved costs in the overall test lifecycle,”

– Product Manager, Storage ISV.

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