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There is an ardent need to manage heavy, repetitive, and yet business-critical workflows, amidst today’s disruptive era of digital transformation. This warrants your organization to induce agility and resiliency within its application delivery process. Also, the rise in the demand for an IT infrastructure with multilayered functionalities increases complexities in operational management. You no longer can depend on reactive automation scripts funneled through a silo approach. Your organization essentially needs the four key modern application development practices:
Workload Optimization
Self-Monitoring Infrastructure Capabilities
A Unified Environment for Development
Automation Spanning Platforms
Therefore, DevOps becomes the key to establish a unified Development and Operations environment. It helps you imply with the quintessential principle of Agile and Lean, which further simplifies infrastructure automation and management.

Induce Automation and Do Away
with Non-Value Add Tasks

DevOps, powered through Infrastructure as Code (IaC) would reshape your infrastructure, aligned to your business needs. Resultant – high availability, smooth performance, improved agility, wider transparency, tighter security, and improved operational health.

MSys carves your path towards modern IT by empowering you to create a platform-centric architecture. Our DevOps Automation Specialists allow easy managing of cloud-native and traditional workloads while ensuring seamless application development and delivery.

MSys doesn’t just bring a 360-degree DevOps culture at first. We undertake a modular approach and create a rational roadmap, underlining the organization’s unique needs. Our DevOps Architects then gauge your organization’s maturity levels at multiple fronts. Based on your existing IT infrastructure strength, we leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to induce intelligent automation within your infrastructure and ensure it adapts to heavy workloads at scale. This ensures minimum vendor-lock ins.

  • Building ecosystem around Docker containers using configuration management tools such as Ansible, Chef, Puppet etc.
  • Product development support for making service container ready with Microservice architecture.
  • Cloud Integration for containers and supplementary tool chain.
  • Develop ecosystem and workflows around EC2 Container service to allow seamless configuration and deployment of VMs
  • Orchestration using Apache Mesos to launch dynamic workloads onto a single cluster

Our DevOps Services

Our DevOps services are geared at eliminating gridlocks in the process of software development, testing and delivery by creating an inter-mixed culture of collaboration, communication and automation.


Making security native to the development

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Infrastructure Automation

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Gain deeper visibilities, proactive alerts and ensure real time issues’ remediation.

Infrastructure Governance

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CI/CD Services

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Environment Management

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Configuration Management Services (CMS)

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Our Customer Speaks

MSys Technologies’ DevOps automation engineers proved to be gold. We intended to offer differentiated software experience unique to each geography. MSys helped us to achieve this by implementing DevOps along with Containerization. We experienced a smooth application modernization, deployment and management; and our application downtime went to be zero.”

– Product Manager of leading Food and Beverages company.

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