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To effectively contend in the ever-evolving global marketplace, enterprises release their applications in multiple platforms and devices, such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, open-source OS, and several other mobile computing devices like e-readers, phones.

Thus, a highly responsive, intuitive, and engaging customer experience is now a standard demand from users while using a mobile application. Additionally, rapid release schedules, the expectation of a highly personalized experience, and a plethora of devices in the market create a highly volatile and ever-evolving landscape.

Need to Match Customer Expectations

Owing to the increased usage of mobile apps and availability of alternatives for every app, consumers have become extremely intolerant about any functional problems, poor experience, UX issues, and average performance of the apps. And, today, they don’t mind switching to a competitor app without giving any time to the application manufacturer to offer them a better functioning or an upgraded app.

This is why, organizations are not just looking at faster time to market but also depend heavily on high-quality mobile testing services to ensure the success of a mobile application.

Across organizations of all shapes and sizes, mobile apps have ignited growth in operations and customer services. Yet, with the variety of platforms, devices, and networks, there is a significant need for an infrastructure to support mobile testing services. As you can imagine, mobile app testing is tricky: several versions of operating systems, dozens of screen resolutions, kinds of connection types, etc.

But you just can’t hope for a successful mobile app release without using mobile testing services. Mobile app testing services guarantee that an app released through a marketplace is error-free and can match customer expectations.

Mobile app testing services guarantee that an app released through a marketplace is error-free and can match customer expectations.

Our Mobile Testing Service Offerings

MSys Technologies offers deep knowledge in cross-browser testing for mobile applications for non-functional (Automated & Manual) and functional testing of mobile applications. We provide comprehensive end-to-end mobile testing services for your application. We understand that to deliver a quality and bug-free application to users; it is always essential to perform android app testing and iOS app testing with a modern approach and technique.

Therefore, our mobile app testing experts understand and eliminate the challenges of quality and provide quality mobile app testing services to build solid mobile application testing scenarios to test each application thoroughly.

Our Mobile Testing Services include:

Usability Testing

Ensuring that your application offers user-friendly UI, engaging UX, and providing a top-notch user experience. We also ensure that your application is easy to use and provides a simple navigation to your target audience.

Functional Testing

Initiating mobile functional testing to ensure that your application delivers performance as expected without bugs.

Device Compatibility Testing

Ensuring that your mobile application offers a top-notch user experience on all mobile browsers and operating systems.

Compliance Testing

Testing your application for compliance with iOS and Android guidelines. Our experts also focus on other industry regulations such as GAMP, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, etc.

Security Testing

Identifying security loopholes and recommending a suitable process to ensure the overall security of content and transactions on the app.

Automation Testing

Implementing data-driven and keyword-driven approaches to test for functional, performance, and regression testing. We make sure of the quality, efficiency, and timely release of your app.

Our Customer Speaks

“MSys Technologies facilitated quality testing through automated test scripts. Our products’ efficiency improved by notches. We also saved costs in the overall test lifecycle,”

– Product Manager, Storage ISV.

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