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The IT infrastructure landscape has undergone profound changes in the last few years, thanks to evolving technologies, new business models, and ever-evolving market demands. However, due to these changes, organizations of today face the challenge of continuous degradation in their infrastructure performance due to constant changing of configurations or sub-optimal configurations and settings. Furthermore, the shift in complexity of physical and virtual infrastructure makes it difficult to achieve complete visibility across the entire network.

Need for Speed in Infrastructure Monitoring

Because IT Infrastructures usually comprise of multiple locations that surround both public, private, and hybrid cloud deployments, the challenge IT encounters is how to quickly identify and correlate issues before they impact end-users and, eventually, the productivity of the company. Also, IT Infrastructure monitoring becomes increasingly tricky as IT infrastructures become denser and distributed. Where significant quantities of server data need to be taken care of, and the need to analyze that data quickly can be achieved with automation. This gives rise to some specific services known as IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services.

IT Infrastructure monitoring solutions has the ability to track the availability, performance, and resource utilization of containers, hosts, and other backend elements. These IT infrastructure monitoring services involve server monitoring, application monitoring, and network performance monitoring. And these functions provide organizations with the ability to see what is happening across the organization’s infrastructure to help teams predict and prevent outages—alerting the teams of network intrusion, unplanned downtime, and any resource saturation. When the organization has visibility into its entire infrastructure, the issues can be solved fast and efficiently.

IT infrastructure monitoring services involve server monitoring, application monitoring, and network performance monitoring.

MSys IT Infrastructure Monitoring Offerings

MSys Technologies’ IT infrastructure monitoring services monitor the healthiness of your entire IT infrastructure and deliver in-depth insights into the performance and the issues it may face to help you solve these issues efficiently and make sure high business uptime. At MSys Technologies, we provide IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solutions that enable 24/7 monitoring with an SLA-driven operational model to support our clients with early detection of downtime, implementation of routines, event management, and L1 support.

Our IT Infrastructure Monitoring Services include:

Hardware monitoring

Capturing data from the sensors that are found in PCs and other machines. Monitoring battery life data, fan speed sensors, current and voltage sensors, power and load sensors, and user-defined artificial sensors that accumulate data on the operating system.

Network monitoring

Verifying whether the organization’s internal network is working correctly and delivering the expected levels of speed and accuracy. Our network monitoring services allows you to respond proactively when an unauthorized users attempt to access your network.

Application monitoring

Enabling your organization to track user behavior on apps to gain operational insights and determine business opportunities.

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