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The new digital economy is upon us, and enterprises failing to reimagine their business could lose whatever competitive advantage they hold in the market. Technology advances are a major contributor to shaping this new digital economy. For most CIOs in the IT industry, the last few years were no less than a roller coaster ride. However, companies that invested in cloud infrastructure/platform for new applications have successfully realized the goals of agility, costs, and innovation amidst changing the business environment.

Leverage Distributed Environments via Multi-Cloud

Arguably, Cloud computing is the biggest trend affecting our industry and therefore our business strategy. While some organizations are still skeptical of the cloud advantages, the intelligent ones think of it as an enabler in the digital transformation. With Cloud Computing becoming more widely utilized and IT becoming a strategic enabler, security vulnerabilities have become a cornerstone of the issues bothering organizations.

This is where Multi-Cloud has been playing a pivotal role. With multi-cloud, an organization leverages distributed environments offered by multiple vendors, which helps spread the risk blanket. It is just like an investment diversification. It also helps to pick the best of different vendors and avoid vendor-lock ins. But, multi-cloud isn’t all an easy job. Organizations must ensure tight integration of solutions between multiple providers, enable cross-platform application compatibility, etc. while negotiating SLAs, contract prices, and investing in skills. Organizations need reliable and expert multi-cloud service providers to juggle the challenges of Multi-Cloud and create sustained results.

MSys Technologies makes your digital transformation journey a delight by designing a tailored and business-apt multi-cloud strategy, which mindfully shifts your environment and workloads over to the cloud. Our multi-cloud migration approach consists of proofs-of-concept, critical discoveries, and automation of provisioning and synchronization process to optimize costs and time. We establish replicated virtual and physical assets on to the differentiated cloud environment through automation.

Our Cloud Architects partake a detailed analysis based on price, security, and performance to compare all the workloads and their compatibility for different cloud platforms. We comfortably work on all the leading Cloud services’ providers including Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud and Google Cloud. We also leverage automation to orchestrate and provision the Multi-Cloud infrastructure.

Intelligently Optimize Costs and Performances

MSys Technologies infuses predictive analysis enable real-time insights and optimize your costs and performances across heterogeneous cloud environments and applications. MSys Technologies automates the monitoring, report generation, change request implementation, and maintenance using customized scripts.

Our Customer Speaks

“I would like to appreciate MSys Technologies for implementing virtualized cloud solutions. Thanks to them, we witnessed astonishing results in terms of productivity, efficiency, and cost reduction.“

– CTO, a leading Storage ISV.

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