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Organizations with a futuristic vision have already rejigged their development process by implementing agile methodologies. They have embarked on a digital transformation journey symbolic of software product innovation consisting of complex and multi-layered features, top-notch software product quality, all-time high efficiency, and quicker speed to market. But, to genuinely bring the charm of an agile environment, which is characterized by resiliency and robustness, companies must execute a combination of operations + development process transformation in a real sense. While agile tools and pre-defined best practices empower development teams, there isn’t much for operation teams. On top of it, heterogeneous environment – right from the legacy system, cloud to containers, and Microservices pose multiple challenges to IT operations.

Upscale Operation Function with Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

An ideal situation for software product development is that technical teams focus on developing new-age software products without having to worry about the operations part. This is where Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) makes it possible. SRE instills stability and ultra-scalability in the production environment for continuous integration and continuous delivery of applications. SRE leverages data-backed operation management, coupled with hypothesis-driven practices and automation. The tricky part of implementing SRE is that its methods and technicalities vary depending on the organization, their IT configuration, and existing toolset. A reliable SRE service provider will help you achieve your goals effectively.

“SRE instills stability and ultra-scalability in the production environment for continuous integration and continuous delivery of applications”


MSys Technologies’ SRE services, which are a fine blend of manual process and cognitive automation, create IT operations powered by change management, predictive analytics, and quick failure recovery. We approach process automation in a phased manner with a realistic outlook. Our SRE Architects gauge your existing maturity levels by studying your applications and infrastructure. Initial efforts are geared towards process standardization. We then match your customers’ experience with service delivery by the following two techniques:

1. RED (Request Rate, Error Rate, Duration)
2. USE (Utilization, Saturation, Error Rate)

Our SRE Architects make your IT infrastructure scalable and self-healing for maximum uptime by first fathoming your system configuration and cloud capabilities and then selecting an effective combination of SRE tools and platform along with proven techniques. For the highest system intelligence, performance, and reliability, we build preemptive incident management and reporting leveraging powerful AI and cognitive algorithms.

We bring in predictive factoring to highlight possible spikes and solutions by building preemptive lead pointers via Dynamic thresholding methods.

Our SRE Services include

System Performance Assessment
End to end assessment of your infrastructure and application, tools and platforms to optimize onboarding and/or offboarding of customers, identify incident queues, plan resource elasticity, manage distributed system, and standardize workloads.

Designing System Blueprints
A robust architecture design with CI/CD model and zero fault-tolerant capabilities to facilitate auto-scaling, self-healing, and maximum system availability.

System Support
Migrate workloads to cloud, diagnose and fix issues, automate testing, and other manual tasks and work with technical teams to optimize and standardize routine tasks.

System Monitoring
Leverage industry-leading tools and platforms to monitor the health of IT infrastructure, applications, and servers, detect issues in real-time, fix it, and generate a report automatically.

MSys Technologies’ SRE services help you in

Creating a centralized management platform to drive automation across application and infrastructure

Fixing error budgets that complements your applications, transactions, and infrastructure

Implementing AI + automation for availability monitoring, risk detection, and real-time alert notification

Providing emergency support while maintaining operational runbooks

Filling the gap between Sys Admins and development team via CI/CD

Our Customer Speaks

“MSys Technologies helped us by overcoming the problem of server failure. Their SRE architects helped us create a high availability environment. Thanks to their pre-configured and automated techniques, we were able to deploy transactions through load balancers. Overall we witnessed higher operational stability, scalability, and performance.”

– Director of Products, US-based Enterprise.

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