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Data being one of the most critical, useful, and yet undervalued asset can be leveraged to take smart decision and improve business profitability. Businesses operating with global footprints will require the right data to draw an effective process of advanced analytics. This data, which will be processed into actionable information can, gives organizations a multi-dimensional view into customer preference and experiences. Thus, Data Protection, Back Up, and Recovery becomes a strategic function.

Mindful Data Protection Saves Monetary and Moral Loss

Data is increasing enormously. The irrefutable growth in the unstructured data is putting pressure on organizations for retaining, structuring, and deriving valuable insights for gaining the competitive edge. Further, the voluminous growth of data has created silos of information within organizations. Often, this data is disparately stored in different formats on multiple applications. Miscommunication or lack of coordination between different departments within an organization results in poor data management, which leads to poor business decisions and lesser growth.

"With ineffective data protection and inflexible data recovery, organizations suffer productivity loss, regulatory fines, loss of business, customer disengagement, and moral damage"

All this increase the vulnerability of data be stolen or hacked. With ineffective data protection and inflexible data recovery, organizations suffer productivity loss, regulatory fines, loss of business, customer disengagement, and moral damage. What business needs a cost-effective, modern, and laser-sharp Data Protection, Back Up and Recovery services, which is built on modern Cloud infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery as Service (DRaaS) Offerings

MSys Technologies’ Data Protection, Back Up, and Recovery services span on-premise, cloud, and Hybrid IT environments. Our Data Engineering services facilitate scalable, cost optimized, and robust data protection while adhering to the security requirements. Our Engineering Architects help Data Protection, Back Up, and Recovery Product providers by developing snapshot rich features that streamline the data recovery process. These snapshots are responsive to the cloud or on-premise infrastructure. For centralized management and stringent control mechanism, we implement Role Based Access Controls, SLA based policies, and leverages REST APIs for increased transparency into data management. We also help organizations by configuring and implementing automated disaster recovery tools that ensure swift recovery of databases, file systems, and other crucial data.

Services rendered by MSys Technologies include:

Cloud DR&BC Strategy:
Establishing a business continuity charting and Cloud-based DR practices and blueprint.

Regulatory Compliance Management:
Implementing policies to ensure compliance with regulatory data protection laws.

Workload Data Protection:
Architecting robust, nimble and cost-effective framework for both Hybrid and Cloud Workload Data Protection

Automate Disaster Recovery:
Triggering automation using advanced toolsets for the failover testing and recovery to counter IT outages, faster data replication, and backup and maximum uptime.

Data Security:
Enabling encryption with industry-leading security practices to safeguard transitional data and backup data.

Our Customer Speaks

“We were extremely stringent in terms of Data Protection and Backup software product practices and features. MSys Technologies met our expectations; they helped us develop product that can meet the changing requirements for governance. They delivered us the Data Protection and Backup Software product with flash induced power along with scale-up and scale-down features to suit our customers’ workloads“

– Principal Product Architect of a the USA based ISV.

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