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Product Manager’s nirvana moment is when their customers experience a delight. However, to make it a reality, you must implement tedious make and repair application activities behind the scenes. This is only possible in an innovation-first lab environment with a continuous improvement cycle. You must ensure a de-silo approach for development, testing, integration, and deployment. It’ll ensure your products are delivered at industrialized speed upholding the modern application benchmarks. Your Lab-as-a-Service must ensure
On-demand and self-service environment
Intelligent automation
Cloud-powered capabilities

Lab as a Service Expertise

MSys Technologies brings a decade of its product engineering expertise that helps your get over a competition, justify your product’s ROI to stakeholders and ultimately bring prevalent in the market.

New Lab Design and consulting

We create an optimal and customized lab environment, which is aligned to your business. These labs offer you on-demand, shared resources access, supported by the cloud. Your development, testing and security teams will be empowered to work in a lab, which has a standardized environment.

Test Environment Upgradation

We ensure that you have a test environment that is compliant with the best standards. Your products experience perfect simulation, thereby ensuring minimal bugs and zero downtime delivery. You get a test environment tailored to your products and organization need with a minimal gap between production and testing.

Incident Management

We help you maintain the highest levels of productivity and drive efficiency by fixing problems in real-time. We work 24/7 and leverage predictive analytics to uncover bugs before they occur. Our common and collaborative platforms offer easy access to your employees in highlighting issues and communicating. Our incident management gives you an omnichannel experience to steadfast issue resolution.

Infrastructure Management

Our handpicked optimization tools drive scalability, productivity, agility, and efficiency within your IT infrastructure. You get greater control and visibility into your infrastructure with automation, proactive alerts and real-time insights.

Lab E2E OSS integration

Our end-to-end OSS integration services facilitate the simplification of your processes and products. Your network communication capabilities are induced with digital capabilities via cloud migration and integration, legacy application modernization, APIfication, and application consolidation.

Test Automation Support

Our Test Automation Center of Excellence significantly brings down your testing efforts while improving time-to-market and boosting your software products’ release velocity. Our pre-built automation frameworks with plug-and-play features, defect management and application lifecycle management tools facilitate mindful test automation support.

24/7 Help Desk

Our single-point issues’ resolutions ensure you don’t lose productivity drastically. Our continual monitoring and IT infrastructure support services maintain security and operational health. Our process sets and automation frameworks are compliant with ISO 20000 standards and ITIL.

Benefits of Our Lab as a Service

Reduced Time-to-Market

Create an agile application lifecycle development process backed by an optimal setup of an IT environment for product orchestration. Also, slash QA automation cycles, reduce critical business impacts, and steadfast validation and verification cycles.

Curtail Lab Infrastructure Costs

Leverage pre-built assets, solution accelerators and automation framework that simplifies the process of lab provisioning, while considerably reducing the time to deployment.

On-Demand Environment

Leverage a virtual IT environment via lab and powered by APIs, which is also automated and flexible. Deploy prototypes via customized self-service portals and run regression testing, configuration and integration on the virtual and on-premise assets.

Zero-Downtime Deployment

The product deployment environment that allows continuous delivery and security testing helps identify bugs before they occur and in real-time. Resultant – any glitches are fixed in-time to ensure zero-downtime deployment.

Our Customer Speaks

“The MSys team helped us by creating a Dev/Test lab. The lab environment was fully automated and helped us create a prototype, develop the product and test it simultaneously. We witnessed a significant reduction in our dev/test costs and improvement in product quality. ”

– Principal Architect of a leading AI-based ISV.

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