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Increasingly growing keenness for Digital transformation among Business owners has stimulated a larger influence of IT resources. Digitalization of Business Operations demands automation friendly infrastructure, secure networking systems, and reliable storage management. Naturally, the digital tools and services have grown to plan, validate, prioritize and implement the Continuous Delivery operations. Therefore, business excellence in the digital age is highly subjected to consistent configuration of these resources.

How DevOps Can Be More Productive?

Tracking the operative layouts and intercommunication of the IT tools & services manually can be complicated as well as monotonous. The growth-seeking DevOps team may not be able to execute and document all the big and small steps in configuration management. Sooner or later, this will lead to frequent downtimes. Moreover, the lack of traceability of changes during manual configuration management can also invite significant security breaches and data leaks. Hence, it is wise to assume that automated tools and services can handle the redundant configuration management steps more efficiently.

The servers, operating systems, networking assets, and storage resources – will have to be mindfully strategized and tracked for their performance, availability, and compliance. Only then can one expect the DevOps teams to have enough space for monitoring and remediation in the delivery pipeline. Productive business requires smart tools and services to do the heavy lifting so that the teams can better respond to external stimuli like immediate customer needs and new innovative ideas.

Automated Configuration Management Services

MSys Configuration Management Services (CMS) ensure that the product’s performance is consistent with the client requirement and operational updates throughout its life cycle. Automated CMS relieves the DevOps teams of redundant configuration jobs; therefore, the delivery pipeline is more swift and manageable. With the right digital framework, the technology assets can be configured to look after the product’s performance. MSys has combined expertise around technologies like Containers, Cloud Native, and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). We offer just the right proficiency to build and deliver a trusted product. Our CMS services aim to identify, control, validate, audit, and remediate – the configuration with minimal manual intervention. Automated Configuration Management seamlessly fits with the business continuous delivery pipeline and agile processes. It offers a secure, scalable, and reliable product that is compliant with your business guidelines.

Our Configuration Management expertise includes

Infrastructure Configuration Automation
Configure the provisioning and tracking of the infrastructure resources automatically and consistently. Automate the infra configurations to ensure a secure and reliable environment for the product to perform and scale in. DevOps teams no longer have to work on solving the same problems repeatedly and can focus their wits on new innovations.

Application Configuration Automation
Proficiency in Continuous Delivery allows CMS experts to stimulate your legacy applications for cloud-native infrastructure. The automated transformation is secure, swift, and systematic. We ensure that the application configurations are flexible yet compliant to the configuration policies.

Regular Health Checks
Regularly investigate the computation, storage, and networking resources for inconsistencies in terms of performance, security, compliance, and data integrity. Document and Analyze the investigation results in case of any deviations.

Our Customer Speaks

“MSys experts helped us design a cloud compliant automation framework for our multiple products. Their expertise empowered our Infrastructure Automation, Operation Visibility, and Testing & Auditing services, among others. Thanks to Msys quality services, our products serve the client enterprises with secure and efficient automation.”

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