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The unprecedented rise of digitalization has unlocked various opportunities across technologies, industries, and the economy. Organizations that are accelerating digital have witnessed newer growth opportunities, additional revenue streams, delightful customer experience, and increased ROIs. What stays at the helm of this booming digitalization is the ‘cloud’ technology. Many organization relies on a multi and hybrid cloud infrastructure to invite digital transformation. But, cloud deployment is a complex task.

Vendor Lock-Ins – Hindering Multiple Resource Provisioning in Hybrid Cloud

The provisioning of multiple resources like compute, network, or storage on Cloud infrastructure is often accomplished via the help of local admins operating on-site. This requires shelling out of sizeable money while hindering the infrastructure’s business scalability. Further, in a hybrid cloud environment, there is a greater risk of vendor lock-in while provisioning or decommissioning of the resources. This is where the OpenStack – an open source IaaS deployment project, empowers organizations with the self-service capabilities to orchestrate and automate provisioning.

“A right implementation of OpenStack will induce mammoth scalibity and enable ease of routine cloud infrastructure management through automation"

OpenStack – Making Cloud Infrastructure Management Automated and Simple

A right implementation of OpenStack will induce mammoth scalability and enable ease of routine cloud infrastructure management through automation. It allows reusing of existing components for quicker decommissioning. OpenStack also supports multiple hypervisors such as Xen, kernel-based virtual machine [KVM], VMware, etc. and various virtualization technologies including high-performance computing or bare metal.

MSys Technologies’ OpenStack solutions help organizations to make cloud a strategic enabler in their digital transformation efforts. We integrate OpenStack with Cloud Management Platforms (CMP) for a mindful OpenStack deployment and management. Our Architects help product companies by orchestrating northbound OpenStack APIs for a seamless third-party cloud management platform integrations. We also help create tools for OpenStack Cloud Provisioning Service to enhance resource deployment.

Fructifying OpenStack for ISVs and Enterprises

MSys Technologies’ OpenStack solutions are compatible with Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). Our OpenStack services help Enterprises and ISVs to develop multiple plugins including Volume plugin, Network plugin, and File System plugin. Our Cloud Engineers also integrate solutions based on OpenStack Swift for NAS/SAN Arrays.

We deliver a robust OpenStack monitoring solution by customizing Ceilometer and integrating it with the OpenStack architecture. The solution offers a holistic insight and coverage generating metric on controller nodes, availability zones, resources, service endpoints, volumes, and computing nodes. This ensures continual tracking of the advanced benchmark. We also help OpenStack product providers by integrating predictive analytics, which defines thresholds, trigger alarm, and ensures corrective actions, optimal health, and performance.

Our Customer Speaks

“I am happy to say that MSys was of great help. They helped us build our first OpenStack product integrating cloud builder technology and unified networking. Overall, MSys Technologies were agile, cost-effective, and professional throughout the engagement,“

– Technical Product Manager of a leading Networking and Virtualization Enterprise.

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