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Today, DevOps has paved the path for speedier and more agile software development approaches by unifying processes, teams, and technologies to build an ever-evolving software development lifecycle (SDLC). And this has led to more powerful and efficient SDLCs that are now capable of handling market demands, user requests, or technological issues.

DevOps tools have also transitioned to cloud offerings with the growing demand for cloud-driven technologies. The years of using these self-made tools and the need to develop a process that can build and deliver products at a more rapid pace inspired the advent of Microsoft’s ‘Azure DevOps.’

The Rise of Azure DevOps

With the shift in the development lifecycle, Microsoft’s popular flagship integrated development environment, ‘Visual Studio Team Service (VSTS),’ grew into becoming ‘Azure DevOps.’ Azure DevOps services have grown in popularity for their capacity to advance beyond compatibility with any application, irrespective of the framework, platform, or cloud, supporting both public and private cloud configurations.

Azure DevOps is a SaaS platform that offers an end-to-end DevOps toolchain for developing and deploying software faster and with low errors. It is flexible in terms of supporting diverse languages running on various platforms and deploying on any cloud. It also integrates successfully with the leading tools on the market and is an excellent option for orchestrating a DevOps toolchain. Azure DevOps services provide a wide array of solutions and integrate well with the CI/CD pipeline that helps the entire development cycle. It is scalable, reliable, and enables faster delivery.

Azure DevOps services provide a wide array of solutions and integrate well with the CI/CD pipeline that helps the entire development cycle.

Azure DevOps Service Offerings

MSys Technologies’ Azure DevOps solutions are directed towards helping design your optimal DevOps business solution in the cloud, on-premise, sometimes, even both. Whether your enterprise is looking to scale while also maintaining a high quality of service or you are just considering migrating to Azure DevOps, our experts at MSys Technologies can work with you to develop a DevOps Architecture built according to your specific requirements.

Our Azure DevOps Services include:


Enabling effective product and system development teams and tools and providing a fully managed service.

Work Item Management 

Setting up the work actions needed from multiple specialized roles in modern software systems development.

Work Planning (Agile, Sprints, and Boards) 

Establish your teams, processes, and cadences to perfectly suit a given project environment.

Interface to DEV services (App, Data, and Integration)

Helping bring complex parts and activities together seamlessly.

Interface to QA and Test services

Integrating quality assurance with your DevOps pipeline and enabling the automation of QA activities.

CI/CD Pipeline setup and maintenance

Navigating the growing complexity of modern software and providing high levels of automation within these pipelines.

Release/Deployments planning & management

Reducing the release cycle and ensuring that all the critical dependencies and safeguards are in order.

System operations & monitoring

Applying monitoring tools and creating an automatic incident response, alerts, and notifications to keep things running smoothly.

Our Customer Speaks

“MSys Technologies facilitated quality testing through automated test scripts. Our products’ efficiency improved by notches. We also saved costs in the overall test lifecycle,”

– Product Manager, Storage ISV.

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