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New-age software development and delivery must ensure that the source code is delivered to the production environment at the earliest and released without defects. Consequently, CI/CD has become the essential foundation of DevOps culture today, and it completely transforms the way developers and testers do software releases.

Continuous integration (CI) helps integrate codes and share in mainline repositories, while continuous delivery (CD) facilitates short release cycles to ensure release at any required timeline without flaws. A CI/CD DevOps automated pipeline eradicates manual errors and delivers feedback that facilitates rapid iterations focusing on product release.

The Challenge of Transition

When there is a new adoption or transition of technology or culture, you might face hardship in understanding and executing them. Though CI/CD looks pretty simple to adopt and apply, one might easily get it completely wrong if you do not approach it the right way. You may face hindrances such as confusion between continuous delivery and continuous deployment models, coordination crack-up, unnecessary utilization of resources, and security misleads.

These challenges can lead to difficult business times, creating pitfalls such as bad ROI, delivery delays, slower and lesser productivity, and innovation hindrances. Thus, CI/CD services rise in importance in today’s dynamic software delivery environment.

We all know that CI/CD is a fundamental concept of DevOps methodology. And enterprises that use an agile approach can benefit from breaking the silos between management, dev, ops, and QA units of the business. It makes them collaborate better and achieve common goals. CI/CD solutions enhance the development mixes by speedily identifying problems and fixing applications promptly.

Also, continuous monitoring strengthens the waste elimination process and significantly speeds up the development team’s velocity. For smooth, transparent, and efficient workflows, one must automate and orchestrate your software integration and deployment with CI/CD pipelines. Furthermore, CI/CD services have the capacity to move the mutual effort into the full test coverage, automated procedure of an application build, and speedy zero-downtime deployment.

CI/CD solutions enhance the development mixes by speedily identifying problems and fixing applications promptly.

CI/CD Service Offerings

At MSys Technologies, our DevOps engineers can analyze your environment and work accordingly to ensure that CI/CD services are utilized correctly. Regardless of what your DevOps build and release ecosystem necessitates only some minor modifications or a complete overhaul, or anything in-between, we have the power to get it done for you. Our CI/CD services include a comprehensive range of solutions, including Readiness Assessment, Tool Selection, Execution, Configuration Management, etc.

Our CI/CD Services include:

CI/CD design

Facilitating tooling definition and choice of CI/CD strategy, design and road mapping, while making sure end-to-end execution with maintenance and optimization.

CI/CD implementation

Analyzing the present infrastructure and eradicating blockages with tech stack selection, executing CI/CD, and maintenance & optimization.

CI/CD Consulting

Auditing CI/CD pipelines with consulting and control of the execution.

Our Customer Speaks

“MSys Technologies facilitated quality testing through automated test scripts. Our products’ efficiency improved by notches. We also saved costs in the overall test lifecycle,”

– Product Manager, Storage ISV.

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