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It takes some serious commitment to acquire, train, and deploy permanent talent resources in a space where lucrative innovations keep coming in from every possible direction. Although without such commitment in the technology market, the ambitious projects would never found the stable grounds to be built and thrive on.

Therefore, while short-term engagements are finding their place in the global workforce of tech giants, long-term permanent staffing still hasn’t lost its luster. There still are long term Datacenter and Product Sustenance projects that cannot do without dedicated talent resources offering their skill and commitment for a mutual value-add.

Digital Disruption with a Dedicated Workforce

Organizations opt for Permanent Staffing to hire talent resources for a long-term engagement based on their skill alignment with the organization’s business vision. This requires a different set of metrics and calibrations. The permanently staffed resources would be a part of the company’s economic and cultural journey and thus need to resonate with the company’s goals.

With the IT landscape going through a rigorous disruption – where DevOps pipelines are edging towards better security, AI/ML innovations are being absorbed by legacy infrastructures, and Cloud environments are reaching out to newer territories – a lot of enterprises and ISVs are looking for a more dedicated workforce for their digital transformation journey. Permanent Staffing, from that perspective, makes a lot of sense for their ambitions and aspirations.

The permanently staffed resources would be a part of the company’s economic and cultural journey and thus need to resonate with the company’s goals.

Right Expertise for Long-Term Ambitions

Outsourcing Permanent Staffing is an economical decision. The specialist experience can be hired for acquiring niche talent resources that would help the company with better ROIs in the long run. Finding the right IT talent for your digitalization goals can be hard with so many nuances cropping up in the digital landscape. You need better ODC management, Storage administration, SDLC strategies, etc., that would maximize the value for not only an ongoing project but the future ones as well.

Moreover, permanently hired workforce can also be closely monitored regularly upskilled for better IT opportunities in their particular niche. This is a good news for thriving in a market where innovations pan out much frequently. Therefore, with the right technical expertise and talent acquisition strategies, your organization can build a robust, reliable, and resilient workforce for a long term.

MSys Permanent Placement Offerings

MSys Permanent Placement Services expertise comes with a rich experience in workforce management and domain specific talent acquisition. Having worked in project pertaining to DevSecOps, Multi Cloud Environments, Product Sustenance, and Datacenter Engineering, these experts can easily translate your business requirements into detailed team structures, and workforce strength must-haves.

MSys diverse portfolio of global clients helps us customize the permanently staffed workforce as per the clients business conditions and long-term goals. This is why, tech giants from all across globe trust our recruitment strategies and talent acquisition model for their arduous projects.

Here are some of the prime services offered by MSys Permanent Staffing Solutions.

  • Permanent Workforce Consultation
  • Customized IT Talent Acquisition
  • Permanent Staffing Enrolment and Support
  • Ramp-Up Plan Consultation

Our Customer Speaks

“The team at MSys Technologies has proven its excellent understanding of our requirements time and again. They have always exceeded our expectations on time, with the desired quality, and within our budget. We appreciate their flexible operational model and proven track record of delivering all our projects well on time. The team has successfully established end-to-end operations of our offshore development and saved over 30% of our total development cost.”

– CTO and EVP Engineering, Leading cloud and data management company.

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