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Consider you have word file saved on your desktop at the office and you need to access that file at home for further modification. Can you really just open up your computer at home and start working on the file? No, because that would be saved on your office computer hard-drive and you would have to either email it to yourself so that you can download it home for use or you would have to carry it in some pen drive. Now consider you were working on the same word file on some third party platform such as the Google Docs in your G-Drive. All you had to do was have an internet connection at home and sign-in into the G-Drive using the same account! That’s it.

Basically, you accessed the Google Cloud where they had saved your file on their server. Same happens when you access your emails. Be it Google, Yahoo or Microsoft emails; these are never on ‘a particular computer’ but on the cloud or server. This makes it possible for us to log into any machine and simply check emails by signing in with our username and password. Cloud was never an alien concept; it’s just that it is more commercialized now and smaller businesses and startups who aren’t financially strong to have the infrastructure are now moving ahead to reap its benefits.

"Cloud native technology runs beyond just an infrastructure setup that gives you economies of scale."

Achieve Digital Transformation with Cloud Native

Digital transformation technologies such as AI, ML, Analytics, Mobility or Robotics come with un-imagined growth possibilities. These technologies empower organizations to deliver unparalleled value to customers while avoiding the risk of getting disrupted. But, without ensuring the low cost of operations, you are ought to lose the competitive edge. Therefore, pursuing a cloud native digital transformation will create a profound impact. Cloud native technology runs beyond just an infrastructure setup that gives you economies of scale. It becomes your strategic partner in digital pursuits.

MSys Technologies has been a leading Cloud service provider for almost a decade. The company’s experience with hi-tech clients lends in-the-trenches credibility to their services. With MSys Technologies helps organization to accelerate the adoption of cloud-native platforms. MSys Technologies’ solutions allow enterprises to move their applications to the cloud hassle free. Not just that, businesses can look for long-after services that enable continued cloud optimization.

MSys Technologies’ Cloud native services empower ISVs and Enterprises to develop software, which are resilient, observable, scalable and modular. Our Cloud Native Engineers deliver solutions that includes Microservices, containers, development pipelines, event-driven applications, serverless functions, infrastructure as code, and APIs. Our engineers use native data structure such as hashes, lists, string with your codes.

We leverage containers for better consistency across distributed environment and continuous integration to make changes on software builds. We leverage streaming to allow data flow among multiple web application that boost analytics in real time.

Our Cloud Native services

Cloud Native Assessment and Strategy
Maximize ROI with a tailored path towards cloud native adoption.

Proof of Concepts
Leverage P.o.C that include Cloud Native framework to get started quickly on the desired expedition.

DevOps Enablement
A DevOps plan to infuse agility within business process and drive faster adoption of Cloud Native.

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Our Customer Speaks

“MSys Cloud Native Architects made pull proof blueprint to create native products with desired efficiently. We witnessed the combination of Microservices and DevOps, which was honestly really fantastic. Our team quickly realized and also measured improvement in business agility and go-to-market strategy. We are happy with what MSys offered us. All the best,“

– Senior Product Manager of ISV based in the U.S.

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