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Organizations, globally are in awe of cloud computing. They are mesmerized by the underlying advantages of moving to the cloud. These are cost-effective infrastructure, business agility, process efficiency, and higher productivity.

The Classical Challenge of Moving to the Cloud

There is a race of companies to move to the cloud and outweigh competition by inducing cloud characteristic. This is where, most of the companies = let’s call them the first-timers, make a mistake. They make a hassled move. It is a classic example of wanting to come, wanting to see and wanting to conquer. But, it doesn’t work like that. Often such hasty move results in wasting of resource, capital, and time. Here, the role of Cloud Governance plays a key role. Cloud Governance, essentially means to implement the right move, make the move right, and apply metrics to measure both.

“Cloud Governance, essentially means to implement the right move, make the move right and apply metrics to measure both. ”

Make a Successful Cloud Move by Outlaying Precision-First Policies

Cloud governance, is a subset of the IT governance emphasizing the need of accountability, designing action items and putting them in the right, tailored framework, measuring the risks, defining benefits and assessing the output, while an organization takes a step towards cloud computing. With the help of Cloud Governance, organizations are empowered to create precision-first, security adhered policies and establish principles that ensure effective cloud infrastructure.

Establish Cloud Interoperability throgh Cloud Governance Framework

Without a proper Cloud Governance framework, an organization can fall prey to data security risks, in compliance to government rules, lack of application interoperability in a multi-cloud environment, low-performance levels, and undertapped resource utilization. However, it isn’t an easy task to ensure a good Cloud Governance practice and maintain optimum cloud operation speed at the same time. Companies who leverage a leading Cloud Service Provider, often experience faster results with cloud investment optimization.

MSys Technologies’ Cloud Governance services help the organization at two fronts – being your Cloud Governance singular host or enhancing the ongoing team’s efforts. Our Cloud Architects utilize next-gen tools for cloud infrastructure optimization. This ensures business scalability, operational transparency, compliance with your cloud environment, and high availability and performance. We ensure a robust Cloud Governance practice, balanced control, and policy implementation through predictive analytics that triggers real-time alerts and insights and executes resource-specific automation. We also utilize Cloud Provider specific governance tools to apprise you of the end-to-end operational threats, resource consumption, cost utilities, and performance levels.

MSys Technologies induces self-governance capabilities within your team to ensure seamless management of cloud infrastructure, data issues, security policies, cost usage, and others.

Services rendered by MSys Technologies include:

Vendor-Specific Integration:
Integrating APIs, which are customized to suit any Cloud Service provider to establish a robust governance model.

Advanced Analytics:
Infusion of intelligent algorithm and integration with smart tools to create reporting dashboard showing key metric, offer an analytical view on the present infrastructure health and alert during threshold or security breaches.

Activity-based optimization:
Trigger automation for repetitive governance activities like provisioning, decommissioning, rightsizing, or auto-scaling.

Cost Management:
Ensure end-to-end visibility for optimizing costs, controlling budgets, eliminating wastes, and applying effective cost control measures.

Hypervisor support:
Multiple Hypervisor support, including Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper V, KVM, VMWare ESX, and others.

Storage Controller Integration:
Enable applications with the latest storage capabilities from the leading storage vendors.

Our Customer Speaks

“MSys Technologies helped us create IT framework and governance model, which we found unique to our cloud computing needs. We certainly experienced resource optimization and risk reduction. They also help with billing and metering. I highly recommend them,“

– IT Infrastructure Head of a leading banking solution provider in the USA.

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