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If you look back in time, All-Flash Arrays (AFAs) weren’t ubiquitous in the storage applications. But, they have come a long way, since. Today, AFA stand to dominate the storage market for the use in primary applications. Reductions in raw price/GB and advancements in flash technology are enabling Flash technology to garner a strong footprint in the Data Center. This allows newer architectures such as All-Flash Array to cater to a broad range of mixed read/write workloads.

AFAs - A Breakthrough for High Transactional Applications

All-Flash Array is a storage technology that consists of stand-alone storage arrays or appliances comprised entirely of NAND Flash media. Typical use cases of an All-Flash Array include the extremely high-transaction or throughput applications where speed and time are crucial. Examples are financial trade applications, on-demand streaming services, real-time analytics, IoT, etc. Because of the high-end SSDs Flash drives that go inside All-Flash Array, a system with 200,0000 IOPS might need only ten high-end SSDs; instead of 1,000 HDDs.

"The first generation AFA were only block-SAN. Today, they are leaning towards a unified storage system."

A Move towards Workload Consolidation in Complex Ecosystem

Vendors are constantly honing the raw capacities of All-Fash Arrays to make it suitable for tenacious workloads in an enterprise. There has been a dramatic rise in the storage densities of the AFAs. This is working towards a slow and steady obliteration of in-house data centers. The first generation AFAs were only block-SAN. Today, they are leaning towards a unified storage system. The idea is to achieve consolidated workloads by supporting simultaneous protocols. We’re also witnessing a slow, but, steady inclusion of predictive analytics into the AFA systems. It helps fathom and annihilate the underlying glitches in real-time. That’ll go on to be a fierce combination of power and intelligence, required to ensure zero downtime.

All-Flash Array Offerings

MSys Technologies over the years has wielded a strong relationship with several leading All-Flash Arrays (AFA) suppliers. Our product engineering services help them derive a true storage value by powering All-Flash Array Scaling systems, based on the data router and data node architecture. MSys Technologies spearheads the design, development, integration, and testing of niche All-Flash Products with multi-layered functionalities for SSD vendors. Our Storage Architects create All-Flash Array products that deliver massive improvements in storage performance, including higher IOPS, increased throughput, and lower latency. We leverage storage controllers of leading vendors, surgically customizes it with proven architectural frameworks and libraries to induce All-Flash Array products with features including deduplication, compression, thin provisioning, snapshots, clones, RAID, encryption, etc. With MSys Technologies, ISVs and Enterprises can boast All-Flash Array products that maximize application performance and consolidates workloads. We also utilize a set of REST APIs to empower All-Flash Products with automation.

MSys Technologies’ All-Flash Array solutions include:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Streamlined Storage Provisioning
  • Archival Operations Management
  • Data Migration Services
  • Application Integration Services
  • Storage interfaces protocols – network-attached, direct-attached, and cloud
  • Interoperability and certification
  • Reference architecture design
  • GPU powered erasure coding
  • GPU services – compressions, encryptions
  • Storage management based on metadata framework
  • PCIe card-based flash cache
  • Data Tiering – active flash
  • Firmware development
  • Control-path solutions
  • VMware vSphere Storage APIs Array Integration (VAAI) support

Our Customer Speaks

“We sincerely appreciate and thank MSys Technologies. Their expert architects helped us develop our proprietary Flash products. They induced predictive analytics that ultimately helped our end users unlock the real value from hybrid cloud. We were able to create consumption economics and flexibility for our users. MSys team worked with all commitment and passion.“

– CTO of a leading Storage Enterprise.

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