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From personal assistants to self-driving cars, we’ve already seen machines read, write, speak, see, hear and learn. But the biggest question is: Can they truly understand? For machines to be really intelligent, it’s not just enough to simply know the words you’ve said. But, it must know what you want, and it must be able to assist in context.

We all know that Human thinking is beyond imagination. However, can a computer develop such ability to think and reason without any human intervention? The real purpose is to simulate human thought processes into a computerized model.

The Rise of Cognitive Computing

Today, various technologies have enabled enterprises to provide the next level of experiences. And, a right blend of cognitive technologies would diminish the gap between the real and digital universe. These technologies are capable enough to do tasks that were previously considered to be best done by humans as they needed special skillsets beyond the computing capability of machines. Therefore, Cognitive Computing Services are being increasingly used by companies to gain optimum speed, cost, and quality.

Cognitive computing is a blend of computer science and cognitive science. It refers to the use of reasoning, machine learning, speech and vision recognition, human-computer interaction (HCI), and more to solve issues better and analyze data. By learning patterns and behaviors and becoming smarter, a computer system can tackle difficult decision-making processes.

Cognitive computing is a blend of computer science and cognitive science.

Cognitive Computing Service Offerings

Our experts at MSys Technologies offer a perfect mix of Cognitive Computing Solutions to facilitate and support companies ready to step into the future. Our cognitive computing services can be implemented perfectly, consistently, and predictably across domains and environments, resulting in enhanced customer experience.

With our cognitive computing solutions, you can now maintain high compliance standards, reduce service costs, mitigate time to market, enhance quality with the capability of machine-generated insights and benefit from the blend of computer and human problem-solving abilities.

Our Cognitive Computing Services include:


Working with leading cognitive computing providers and making use of available products.


Enabling insights into practical consumer applications with the power of Natural Language Processing.

Design and implementation 

Creating an automated cognitive service explicitly designed to your specific needs by leveraging open source and proprietary software.

24*7 Support

Round-the-clock technical support for continuous advancement with cognitive operations.

Audit and Risk Management

Enabling your enterprise & data quality audit, executing audit analytics, and risk management.

Our Customer Speaks

“The MSys team helped us by creating a Dev/Test lab. The lab environment was fully automated and helped us create a prototype, develop the product and test it simultaneously. We witnessed a significant reduction in our dev/test costs and improvement in product quality. ”

– Principal Architect of a leading AI-based ISV.

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