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Today, most IT resources— time, money, or people—are locked into simply moving the traditional IT wheel. And this continuous reactive state restricts IT from investing in developing new ideas and embracing new technologies faster. Repetitive operational processes, functional silos, manual handling, and a disjointed collection of automation tools block the IT’s ability to react to what the business asks. Thus, the need for automating everything emerges.

Enabling Automation as a Service (AaaS) Revolution

As of today, Automation has gone far beyond just doing repetitive tasks and cost reduction. It simplifies operations, improves efficiency, and enables a much superior customer experience. There is a constant focus on innovation, improving agility, and mitigating operational complexity in the age of continuous competitiveness, globalization, and evolving business cycles. And, the emergence of Automation as a Service (AaaS) enables organizations to achieve these objectives effectively. With the increasing adoption of AI/ML, AaaS is the need of the hour, which allows significant growth.

Automation as a service (AaaS) or Automation as a Solution improves the speed by which automation clients work. The real goal is to enable them to concentrate on more critical challenges that demand critical thinking. However, the most vital part of delivering Automation as a Solution is to make it easily consumable. Secondly, it is to eradicate any requirements to manage underlying technologies. This shift to product-minded solutions is all about delivering business outcomes rather than the technology running in the background.

The real goal is to enable them to concentrate on more critical challenges that demand critical thinking.

MSys Automation-as-a-Service Offerings

At MSys Technologies, we believe in “Automating Everything.” We aim to transform the siloed operational process and service delivery to enhance productivity, superior accuracy, and cost reductions. With our existing and ever-increasing pool of use cases, we aim to assist our clients in making informed decisions while also venturing on their automation journey. We at MSys Technologies are vendor agnostic and provide advice to companies with respect to the most efficient tools, best suited for customized requirements.

Our Automation as a Service offerings include:


Identifying potential automation use cases by taking inputs from various sources such as information from tower leads, Incident ticket data, etc. And then, we do a feasibility analysis for the automation use cases.


Documenting the existing process and then discussing the documented workflow and getting it approved with a detailed analysis of the current toolset.

Build and Support

Automation use cases are transferred to the development team, where the automation solution is built and deployed, and then the success rate of each automation use case is tracked.

Our Customer Speaks

“An excellent event addressing a good range of issues across the core subject and providing evidence an opinion to help enable decisions in Dev(Sec)Ops strategy.“

– Leading Storage Company Director

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