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A successful business strategy can suffer if the application you launch is faulty and not per user expectations. As most companies strive to offer their products and services online, the need for high-quality Web applications that meet the universal standards for security, reliability, accessibility, and scalability requirements has grown consistently. For any business offering products or services online in the 21st Century, it is of utmost importance to ensure that their web applications’ quality is maintained as a part of their operations and overall strategy.

Round-the-clock Testing for Error-free Release

It is a tricky and time-consuming process checking your web application to track or prevent possible issues before they are delivered to the end-user in the production environment. Several types of testing need to be done to ensure your application is error-free. Such testing types include functional, compatibility, performance, usability, UI, and security. Thus the need for application testing services is impeccable for today’s businesses.

Web Application Testing services encompass a spectrum of diverse testing activities undertaken to verify and validate whether the functional features of the application, navigation pattern, UIs, communication between the application and databases, essentially covering the end-to-end flow of the website, is maintained. Application testing services help find out the potential bugs and flaws that can hinder the application’s functionality. And as a matter of fact, an application will only reach the maximum number of customers when it is best in quality and customer experience.

Application testing services help find out the potential bugs and flaws that can hinder the application's functionality.

Our Application Testing Service Offerings

At MSys Technologies, we offer a wide range of application testing services using state-of-the-art approaches. Our services are tailored to meet your business objectives and software quality and performance requirements. Our testing experts perform comprehensive functional testing and make sure to cover 100% of your application.

We also make sure not to compromise on quality and report every possible flaw that can downgrade your application. We choose the right web testing tool to automate the most used tests, saving you time and money.

Our Application Testing Services include:

Functional Testing

Analyzing all the links of the web pages, form/cookie testing, and database connection.

Usability Testing

Combining testing for functionality and overall user experience.

User Interface Testing

Testing performed by communicating with the software through the graphical user interface.

Compatibility Testing

Ensuring the application is compatible with all popular browsers and screen resolutions.

Performance Testing

Gauging the performance of a software product to verify the server response time and throughput under different load conditions.

Security testing

Ensuring that the application is protected against harmful actions and unauthorized access through viruses or other malicious software.

Database Testing

Thorough testing of a database is a critical component of any web application.

Automation Testing

Helping speed up product testing time by testing and comparing the actual results with the expected results.

Our Customer Speaks

“MSys Technologies facilitated quality testing through automated test scripts. Our products’ efficiency improved by notches. We also saved costs in the overall test lifecycle,”

– Product Manager, Storage ISV.

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