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Leveraging years of extensive research and experience on innovative product engineering, our Solution Accelerators enable businesses to tackle challenges and deliver robust products in a fast-moving market. Our solutions are designed to boost testing, simplify automation and dramatically reduce workloads for your QA teams, therefore facilitating your team to deliver an augmented user experience in a product that is faster and leaner. Our Solution Accelerators are carefully crafted with pre-built test automation scripts, process assets, and frameworks that have helped our global clients in implementing successful test automation initiatives.

Solution Accelerators Expertise

With more than a decade of product engineering experience, we help your business to build powerful applications super fast and evolve them even faster.


Mobitaz is an advanced android/iOS test automation tool. It is an innovative solution that can automate the testing of both native and hybrid Android apps. Mobitaz’s unique value proposition can help you get your app to the market without any bugs and much faster than you expect.

Key features:
  • Works concurrently with multiple Android OS versions, devices, and configurations
  • Parallel execution on multiple Android devices
  • Performance reporting of system resources


MTAS (MSys Test Automation Solution) is an end-to-end test automation solution that works as an add-on for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET framework.

Key features:
  • Play and record feature for web, Windows, Flex, Siebel, and SSH testing
  • Execution of test cases are performed as a stand-alone application or using MTAS plugin
  • Data-Driven Testing – Supports Export/Import XML, CSV and XLS files for Data-Driven facilitates auto email of reports
  • Multi-browser support without any script modification

PurpleStrike RT

MSys’s PurpleStrike RT (PSRT) is a real-time load-testing tool that generates its virtual users through Amazon’s AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) platform.

Key features:
  • Automation of real applications: run web applications from real browsers to generate load scenarios.
  • This high-performance, distributed load-testing system reduces the risks of app failure.
  • The extensive load-testing features of PSRT helps achieve high ROI and faster go-to-market times.

Benefits of Our Solution Accelerators

Our testing team carefully evaluates your requirements to build a robust test automation framework that will keep your test costs minimal while improving the quality of your applications. With the combined efforts of our Solution Accelerators and our Testing Experts, you can deploy large scale test automation cases with ease, reduce overall testing efforts, and garner substantial ROI.

Test More In Less Time

With MSys Technologies Solution Accelerators, you can significantly accelerate your release speed resulting in multiple releases in a short period. Save plenty of time despite extensive processes or intricate testing procedures.

Minimize costs

Thanks to the time-saving features, you can minimize a lot of your expenses due to our solution accelerators. You can expect better results, thereby decreasing the necessity for fixing glitches after release and reduces project costs.

Improve tester productivity and effectiveness

Our Solution accelerators help you to get over mundane, repetitive tasks and increase your testers’ productivity by increasing repeatability and accuracy of tests. Enable your teams to focus on more challenging tasks such as risk analysis and exploratory testing.

Our Customer Speaks

“With their solution accelerator, MTAS, we could reduce our QA cycle by almost 80% and automate 60% of our mobile and app testing. We’re grateful for the team at (MSys Technologies) that has understood our business needs from day 1, and ensured that we stay focused out core product while they take care of our testing requirements.”

– QA Manager, Company Providing Virtualization Platform And Solutions

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