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As enterprise applications garner more users, they tend to develop product complexities. As these applications are deeply entrenched in the system, it becomes imperative for IT teams to simplify the architecture without eliminating existing tools and applications. Plugins help IT teams to achieve this by bridging the gaps between two or more unsynchronized applications.

Extend the range of existing applications

Plugins facilitate the integration and use of applications in diverse environments. Applications cannot afford to function in singularity. Mission-critical applications must be enabled to integrate effortlessly with internal and external systems to reach their fullest potential, leveraging maximum functionality and data as possible. Customized plugins for enterprise products highly benefit the heterogeneous cloud infrastructure by being a single point of abstracted control, configuration and security.

“Customized plugins for enterprise products highly benefit the heterogeneous cloud infrastructure by being a single point of abstracted control, configuration and security”

Enterprise plugins provide a variety of pre-defined workflows for common tasks, thus minimizing glitches due to human error. Besides, by providing readily available plugins, businesses allow customers to use their products in a way that best suits their needs and makes them far less likely to move away to a less flexible model.

Plugin Development Offerings

MSys Technologies Plugin Development Services cover the development, integration, publishing, documentation, deployment, and continuous maintenance of plugins. Solutions for business have robust API architectures and security protocols, like single sign-on, access control dashboards, and custom key encryptions. MSys Technologies’ expertise of plugin development encompasses cloud, virtualization and on-premise environments, and desktop and mobile applications. MSys Technologies can develop solutions that facilitate provision of end-to-end storage volume, monitor usage of data storage, gauge performance metric like IOPs, throughput and latency. MSys Technologies has a rich experience of developing and integrating plugins for a wide range of clients’ software applications. The experts at MSys Technologies are well versed with writing accurate, structured, secure, powerful, well-documented code design, ensuring best performance for web and custom software applications.

MSys Technologies’ Plugin Development Services

VMware integration
Enabling rapid deployment of new applications and services. Facilitating scaling as per infrastructure to meet requirements. Offering solutions that support multiple existing storage ecosystems.

Openstack Cinder plugin
Developing complex solutions for Cinder block and Manila storage solutions. Volume management, cloning, snapshot management, volume replication and image creation/ deletion.

Our Customer Speaks

“With MSys Technologies’ Plugin Development capabilities, we were able to leverage the inherent benefits of our enterprise product and to provide a seamless experience to our end users.”

– Technical Director, Leading flash storage provider.

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