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Most organization today are open to realizing the potent benefits of public clouds. Not wanting to do away with the security and localization offered by private clouds, these organizations are exploring the possibilities of utilizing hybrid cloud environments. A hybrid architecture is particularly accommodating for spinning up and collapsing testing environments, increased resilience and redundancy, or to remit capacity planning. This is when business can deploy a vCloud Connector in the system as it helps balance workloads across the public and private cloud with simple tools that work everywhere.

“MSys Technologies’ engineers are adept at understanding the functional and physical requirements of successfully installing vCloud Connector for your business”

The VMware vCloud Connector acts as a connecting interface that links private cloud and public clouds, allowing businesses to manage them as a single hybrid environment and transfer workloads between them.

VMware vCloud Connector Offerings

MSys Technologies experts have hands on expertise in the VMware vCenter suite. MSys Technologies’ engineers are adept at understanding the functional and physical requirements of successfully installing vCloud Connector for your business- to maximize the benefits of the hybrid cloud infrastructure. Our services are advantageous to cloud vendors who wish to manage a unified content catalog across the entire cloud environment.



How vCloud Connector enables simplified cloud infrastructure for businesses

Transferring workloads is easier with the vCloud Connector owing to it built-in compression, multi-part transfer, checkpoint-restart features. This also makes data transfer faster and more reliable.

Data center Extension (DCE) is an advanced feature of vCloud Connector. It allows businesses to extend logical boundaries of datacenter, allowing seamless data transfer, hence increasing cloud agility without compromising on consistency.

vCloud Connector allows end users to connect VMware vSphere or VMware vCloud Director-based private and public clouds and manage them under a single interface, converting the data center to a hybrid cloud.

Users can easily attach compatible, scalable and compliant cloud resources to the private vSphere datacenter by using vCloud Connector.

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“With the help of MSys, we were able to simplify our environment and reduce infrastructure costs. MSys Technologies has been a valuable and reliable partner without whom we could not have leveraged our hybrid cloud infrastructure the way we have.”

– VP Engineering, Leading Fintech Vendor

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