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Our team of expert website designers and developers comes together to work with the esteemed spiritual organisation, Heartfulness, led by the global leader and Padmabhushan awardee Shri Kamlesh D. Patel, lovingly known as Daaji. While their initiatives for the holistic development of individuals and communities speak for themselves, bringing them to the world becomes imperative to connect with more people. This is where we, the team of designers and developers from MSys Technologies, come into the picture.

With our deep knowledge and understanding of the work, we provide support to the Heartfulness community to build their compelling and prominent online presence. While the Heartfulness movement aims to bring about change by incorporating meditative practices into the modern lifestyle, we strive to make sure that they reach more people who want to invite more calmness and balance in their lives.

Heartfulness Initiatives

Meditation Masterclass

Those who want to adopt a holistic approach to life and wellbeing, want to start with the right practice. Heartfulness Meditation practice is the best way to find a balance between the demands of life and the emotions one feels. For that, we provide them with an easy-flowing page describing the practice in detail.

Udemy Classes

Heartfulness offers various courses that can help people in many spheres of life. We create the best way through a webpage for easy registration for the courses and taking the practice one step further.

Heartfulness App

The Heartfulness App, available on both Android and iOS, helps one connect with the nearest trainers to start with free meditation at home. Our team makes sure you have a seamless experience in downloading the app.

Heartfulness Students and Teachers

The Heartfulness Education Trust strives to bring about much-needed change in the education system. Combining textbook studying with practical curriculum and meditation, they are revolutionising the sector. We feel proud to be associated with this initiative, and to contribute to this great work.

Heartfulness Kaushalam

As we all know how demanding the corporate sector can be, Heartfulness has designed its initiative, Kaushalam, to aid corporate leaders, and we offer the most professional online presence so that the leaders can understand how they will benefit.

Heartfulness Healthcare Programs

Our team has created the platform so that Heartfulness can bring together the necessary information of the physicians, specialists, nurses, therapists, and technicians in one place and provide a comprehensive guide to the visitors.

Heartfulness at Work

Heartfulness Institute collaborates with corporations, public sector organisations, and enterprises of various sizes to offer a more holistic approach towards work along with more concentration and emotional resilience. Our team, inspired by the same ideals, helps design the best webpage to convey the same message.

Heartfulness Retreat

Tired of the hustle and bustle of urban life? Find a refuge in the green pasture and spend time in meditation, claiming your mind and finding motivation within. How can you know more about this? We have designed the right page for you.

Heartfulness Kanha

Kanha Shanti Vanam, the global headquarters of the Heartfulness Institute, is the world’s largest meditation center. This place is a wonder, inspired by the vision of Daaji, a green patch on the earth, sheltering endemic native trees and hundreds of species all in the same place. Our team has worked on the representation of the same so that you can get an almost tangible experience by simply viewing.

Forest by Heartfulness

Forest by Heartfulness is an initiative to plant 30 million native endemic trees across the country by 2025. This initiative has attracted 5000+ donors, and we feel proud to be associated with such a great environmental cause that is gradually contributing to changing the climate for the better.

Heartfulness Yoga

India’s ancient yoga practice has become renowned across the world, and Heartfulness Yoga has become an integral part of the movement, initiated by Yoga for Unity. Their meditative approach to yoga has helped thousands of people find more clarity and peace in their lives. Embodying the same spirit, our team has collaborated with them to connect more hearts with yoga.
MSys Tech India strives for the best, and in its collaboration with Heartfulness, we have found a way to transform the world for the better, one code at a time.

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